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An Easy Cheap way to make a sweet boombox for your iPod. Uses dollar store tupperware styrofoam, and cheap speakers to make a surprisingly cool boombox/stereo.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

get a colored tupperware container that can fit your two speakers and the ipod.

get some speakers. I found some from a really old computer that didn't have an external power supply (no wall adapter). All the power is supplied via the audio-in jack. Using this type of speaker allows the stereo to be easily portable because the iPod's battery is used to power the speakers. If you're using speakers with a wall adapter for power and you want to make your stereo portable, just wire up some batteries of the wall adapter's voltage to the speakers.

My speakers have a very nice high volume and used the iPod battery very slowly. they were made by botsch (don't know where you could buy them, they came with a very old computer of mine).

I had some packaging styrofoam sitting around (I save all kinds of materials in boxes).

I used a dremel, which made it pretty easy to cute all the holes, without a dremel might be a pain but you can do it.

Step 2: Make It

position everything, plan out where the holes should go, make the holes.

I made the holes in a way to keep the speakers in place (speakers stick out the front a little bit) and then to make sure they stayed in place I mounting-taped them to the base.

I made handle holes at the top, these holes also allow you to easily insert and remove your iPod.

I made a circular hole in the front to allow iPod control while it's in the stereo.

Not pictured:
I later made small holes at the left bottom corner and right bottom corner so that I could make a 'zip tie' hinge for the lid (so that it wouldn't pop off and let my ipod slide out the bottom)

Step 3: Add Styrofoam

I added the styrofoam so that the ipod could sit without shifting around between the two speakers. It also allows the ipod to be easily slid in and out of the stereo (the ipod's styrofoam slot lines up with the handle openings at the top).

Also, the styrofoam hides the speaker wires and make it all look nicer.

future ideas: add some batteries and put some CCFT lamps (made for computer interiors to make them glow cool colors) in there to make cool lighting effects.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    i got straight to it but couldnt find a tupp container so made it out of a chuppa chups container and it took me 5 hours almost


    9 years ago on Introduction

    If you put a mighty minty boost (solar, portable USB charger) to the inside than it will be amazing. You could just tape the panel to the top and cut a small hole for the charger. Just an idea.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    The Instructable is kind of lacking in photgraphs during the planning stage etc. Though I guess you can't take care of it now. But good work.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    cool, but why make a case at all? the olny resion i can think of is to move the speakers easily :O

    2 replies

    11 years ago

    I have a few bose speakers and want to use those. How do I wire the speakers to the i-pod jack? Pease send me a private message ASAP if you even have just an idea.

    3 replies

    Reply 11 years ago

    I'll reply here so anyone else that has this problem can see the answer too. The ipod jack cannot put out enough power to play music through large speakers. If your speakers have a power plug to plug into the wall or batteries, that means that the speakers provide their own power. In this case it'll work if you plug them directly into your ipod. Otherwise (no batteries in your speakers and no plug to plug into the wall outlet), you have to use an amplifier between your ipod and the speakers. A stereo system is an example of an amplifier, you can plug your ipod into your stereo's 'aux in' jack, set the stereo to 'aux' mode, and your ipod music will play through the speakers connected to the stereo. An alternative to using your stereo would be to buy or build (search the web, not very hard) a dedicated amplifier. Instead of using a hole stereo (which will have a tape player, cd played etc), you can just buy a small amplifier into which you can plug in your ipod and your speakers and it will work.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    im not the guy who posted the instructable, but he said he got them off an old computer of his. I for one have cheap 10 dollar sony speakers that run off ipods battery. get them at target, or get the 20 dollar ones that use 3 triple a batterys.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I love how the tupperware shape and colors are so distinct!


    11 years ago

    nice idea