Turbo Start Car and Power Bank.

Introduction: Turbo Start Car and Power Bank.

3 shell lithium batteries.A boost circuit raise set voltage to 14,8 V for charging the car battery.
You can buy dc converters from aliexpress in low prices.
Natteries taken from laptop battery.
All other componets are from scrap electronics.

Step 1: Box.

Two usb chargers for cellphone. The car adaptor forward voltage to battery.

Step 2: Finishing Touch.

switches and paint.

Step 3: Last Minute Idea.

A led light made from scrap.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Please post circuit schematics, list of components, etc. This is a very nice project and deserves better documentation.


    3 years ago

    Could you please share some instructions on how to make it?