Turkey Feather Earings and Necklace




Introduction: Turkey Feather Earings and Necklace

I found wild turkey feathers in the woods and decided to make jewelry out of them.

For both the earrings and the necklace I used earring pins, beads and a large diameter crimp bead. I added beads to the pin. After slightly trimming the end of the feather so that it would fit in the crimp bead I placed the crimp bead over the pin and then put the end of the feather in the crimp bead thus being both the feather and the pin in the crimp bead. I then carefully crimped the crimp bead.



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    Do you notice any scent with them? My mother raises turkeys and I don't think I would ever want one of those near my face with the scent those birds have. Of course, wild turkeys probably don't smell as bad as pen-raised birds.

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    I do not notice a smell to them. I completely understand and know the smell that you are referring to. I have also lightly washed them with warm water and dawn dish soap making sure that I "go with the grain" of the feather before making the jewelry out of them.

    Awesome feather jewelry. Could you share more about how you made them? I would love to make some of these.

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    Thank you for liking them! I have updated the instructable to show how I made them