Turkey Sausage With Green Beans and Chayote Squash





Introduction: Turkey Sausage With Green Beans and Chayote Squash

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A winter stew that gives an introduction to long beans and chayote squash. Learn to use more new vegetables; they're good for you.

Step 1: Base Ingredients

Coarsely chop two onions, two serrano chilis, and a handful of garlic.

Add the onions and chilis to a hot oiled pot, and stir until the onions start to soften. Reserve the garlic to add later so more of its flavor will come through at the end. (Alternatively, add the garlic now if you want it to be extra-subtle.)

Step 2: Chayote Squash and Long Beans

Wash the long beans and chop them into bite-size lengths. You can substitute regular green beans, but if you can get long beans this is a fine way to try them out.

They're a bit drier and sturdier than standard green beans, which makes them a good choice for dishes that cook longer or have a bit of sauce. As an extra bonus, they're faster to prep than an equivalent volume of regular green beans since they've got fewer ends to chop off. This is wonderful for those of us looking for shortcuts.

Chayote squash are native to the Americas, hold their shape well when cooked, and accommodate heavy spicing. The cooked texture is not unlike a raw cucumber, making for interesting variety in stews.

Step 3: How to Process Chayote Squash

Basically, treat the chayote like an apple.

Quarter it, slice out the seed, peel the skin off, then cut it into bite-size chunks. While both the skin and seed are edible, they're best removed for this use. The color and texture of the uncooked peeled chunks are similar to that of an underripe honeydew melon.

Step 4: Cook

Add the garlic, long beans, and chayote to the onion/pepper mixture, and stir as they heat. Add black pepper and a boullion cube; the salt will make the vegetables drop some of their water.

When the pot has come back to temperature add the turkey sausage. Break it up into small bits, and stir periodically to cook through. When the meat is cooked, add a handful of chopped fresh tomatoes. They'll drop some more juice, which should mingle nicely with the chayote juice.

Add some additional seasonings. I used a bit of chili powder, balsamic vinegar, and Worchestershire sauce. Other good options: fish sauce, sriracha chili sauce, anchovy paste, soy sauce, lemon/'lime juice.) You want to build up layers of spice (the serranos, black pepper, chili powder) and give some depth of flavor (the vinegar, worchestershire sauce, boullion cube).

Taste and modify the seasonings as necessary.

Step 5: Serve

Serve warm.

This makes a good one-pot main dish stew, or a nice side dish for a more complicated meal. Like most stews, it tastes better after a stint in the refrigerator.



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    I had been wanting to try chayote squash and this was the perfect opportunity. Thanks Canida.

    This was good, and very simple and especially quick to make!

    By the by, Chayote = tasty. (I say tasty a lot, don't I? )

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    this sounds really good~I like to try new things~have a great day!~please check out my buddy info~salemslot9@aol.com

    Not only does there need to be a group for recipes, but there should be a special "print ready" version of the instructable available...sorta like how Mapquest and all those driving direction sites have a different version of the information to print that would fit it organized on a page...i.e. for instructables, all of the different pictures with comments would be displayed sequentially (rather than the little thumbnails you are stuck with when attempting to print any instructable out...) all else you can't view everything...anyhow, I just joined (literally to make this comment) and I'm about to walk out the door, would anyone be able to point me to a place where I could suggest this to the webmasters? A forum or an instructable page, email etc? Thanks.

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    Hi! Thanks for your suggestion. Right now you can print by clicking on the "+ Print" link that is under the images of an Instructable next to "Email." This does almost what you want, but doesn't deal well with image notes or multiple images. We're working on a solution to that problem. How would a PDF work for you? As for a group for recipes, very soon we will be organizing the Instructables into a limited number of high-level categories. One of those categories is "Food." Stay tuned!

    That was a speedy reply, thanks! I did notice the little print link under that, but as you said it doesn't do everything that my lil' heart desires hehe. A PDF would be awesome! But I'm sure other people would want to view all steps and comments on one page. I wouldn't mind downloading a PDF and keeping a little instructables archive personally. MWahaha! oh Yes! By the by, in a bit of time Instructables should release a compilation book of the most popular and useful instructables. I'm sure it would make a good bit of money and people would be happy!

    Another good instructable. I still don't think I would eat it though... The pictures of the preparation and cooking look better than the booth photo. What kind of lights do you use? Do you use flash?


    11 years ago

    there needs to be a group for recipes

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    That's in the works- just wait for the next version of the site. Right now the groups are more for affinity searching than filtering, which I presume is what you're after.