Turkey Skeleton Wall Trophy Decoration

Introduction: Turkey Skeleton Wall Trophy Decoration

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I was shopping at a local store looking for some cheap decorations when I noticed that it was a jumble of Halloween and Thanksgiving, it sparked my interest and gave me the idea to smash the 2 together, and make the Turkey Skeleton of Thanksgivings Past. I spent a very very long time doing the 3-d modeling, prototype building, and antiquing sooooo I took me around a whole 15 hours of time in total to finish this project. 

The Pattern (which can be bought buy) <---- and if you share you get 50 % off
Cutting mat
exacto knife and some blades
card stock 65.lbs or 110lbs (i use 65 but 110 is a bit stiffer and a little bit better for painting its all just preference)
Glue of choice(i use supper glue which is kinda stupid but i have no patience for dry times but regular stick glue works good to) 
printer to print out the pattern
Spray paint (again your choice of brand and colors if u choose to add color)
Matte Acrylic finish spray ( it makes the paper easier to paint)

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Step 1: Modeling

These are just a few snap shots of the modeling none are in order just showing the finished part of the most time consuming piece, the neck, and how I used Google sketch up to make my own paper craft. If you try to make your own I found exporting it as a .dae is the easiest to work with in pepakura  but it's still a bit wonky.

Step 2: Cutting and Creaseing

Cut out all of the piece carefully.

Then score or crease the dotted lines with either your knife or a creasing tool of choice and the fold those tabs as shown

Step 3: Prep and Paint

You will have to prep the cardstock with the spray acrylic  finish (krylon matte acrylic finish 1311) after the first coat has had time to dry apply another coat. 

using the rustoleum paint and primer all in one is a good choice and i applied 2 coats on all my piece and gave them time to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Antiquing

using a mixture of brown and soft black acrylic paint I layered using a splatter brush and a rag.
 first adding a watered down brown i dipped the splatter brush and dragged it across then dabbed with a rag then dragged it again then repeated that another time. 
I did the same thing with the soft black and brown paint watered down with 2 coats 
then black but only one coat if you really think it needs it.

Step 5: GLUING!!!!!!

if u scored or crease the lines you should be able to see hem still, now start to glue the tabs and make all the pieces then put the pieces. The pictures are a good example. also be careful when gluing the spine. 

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