Turkish Toothpick Trick




Introduction: Turkish Toothpick Trick

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Yener, our host in Istanbul, taught us this nifty trick over a dinner of "Kokorech" which is spicy lamb tripe.
Here's Yener with the toothpicks, about to start out.

Step 1: Break But Don't Separate

Take 5 toothpicks and break them in the middle. Fold them over but don't separate the two halves. Make sure you don't break them apart. There need to have some slivers still connecting the two halves.

Step 2: Arrange Thus

Lay them out in an arrangement like this, with the broken ends inward. Like an "Asterisk".

Step 3: Just Add Water

Take a teaspoon of water and gently pour it in the center of the arrangement.

Step 4: Magic!

As soon as they get wet the toothpicks start moving!
They flex their little broken-splinter muscles and push against each other.

Step 5: Toothpickinetic Sculpture

They push and flex and the asterisk grows and morphs into a big Star!



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    Wow awesome! TYSM for taking the time to post.

    That's REALLY awesome! I LOVE it!


    3 years ago

    Goody goody trick


    great, practice a fue times. befor in a large crowd.


    This is so cool. I will show my father who has been using toothpicks for years.

    Does it work????

    Eh it's been some time since I've been featured, despite both my writing and pictures improving immensely since then... I suspect there's a good project in it somewhere though...

    this is a great bar trick... gotta do this.