Turks Head Tube




Introduction: Turks Head Tube

This tutorial will show you how to make a Turks Head Tube. This one is specifically for a Boy Scout Neckerchief slide (or a “woggle”). You can use the same idea/supplies to make just about any size you need.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

1/2" PVP Pipe


Threaded Inserts

Drill Press

Drill Bit


6-32 Machine Screws 1/2" long

Step 2: Cut to Length and Drill the Holes

Using 1/2” PVC pipe, cut the pipe 6” long. I would recommend cutting it with a ratcheting PVC cutter, but a band saw/hand saw will also work, but you will need to clean up the burs with sandpaper.

On one end, you need to drill eight holes for the threaded inserts; the other end will be used to hang onto it. Before you start drilling, test out the drill bit size on a spare piece of PVC, making sure the threaded insert fits. I used a threaded insert from Menards, UPC 7-3828786331-4 (6-32 hex drive wood inserts). It required a drill bit that was #4 or 0.209”, just between 13/64 and 7/32.

For the woggle, there will be four holes on the top and four on the bottom. Because the threaded inserts were so long, I had to offset the holes by 1/8”. The first set of holes should be about 1/2” from the top. The second row will be 1-1/2” down from the top.

Step 3: Installing the Inserts

Once you have the holes drilled, you’ll have to drill in the threaded inserts. I used a machine screw with two nuts and three washers. Thread the screw into the insert and put the insert into the hole. Then, screw in the insert. Once you have the insert as close as possible to being flush with the pipe, you'll need to take out the machine screw, leaving the threaded insert. If you unscrew the machine screw and the insert comes out with it, you will need two pliers to get it loose. (While holding the PVC pipe still, use the pliers to hold the machine screw still, while using the needle nose pliers to loosen the nuts.)

Once you have all eight inserts put in, then you need to number the top and bottom, according to your instructions. Then, you are ready to start on your turks head knot. You can make the tubes in different sizes to match your turks head knot. Here are a few sites to get started IGKT (http://www.igkt.net/beginners/gridmaker.php) and Freekin Sweet Apps (http://freakinsweetapps.com/knots/knotgrid/) and Advanced Freekin Sweet Apps , which has pineapple knot functions (http://freakinsweetapps.com/knots/knotgrid/advanced.html).

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    3 Discussions

    Dhani C
    Dhani C

    4 years ago

    Richard-there is a link to an instructable in the first paragraph.

    Richard RickC
    Richard RickC

    4 years ago on Step 2

    looķs interesting .... will give it a go ....

    Are there any instrustions on how to use the tube once created



    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great work. Love the bright, clear photos and well-written descriptive text! More projects from you, please!