Turn a Tee Shirt Into a Tanktop. No Sewing!!




Introduction: Turn a Tee Shirt Into a Tanktop. No Sewing!!

I found this design on Pinterest http://diydamsels.blogspot.com/2013/03/make-tank-top-from-guys-t-shirt.html?m=1 and tried it out. Super cute and easy too boot. Enjoy!

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Step 1: Select Tee Shirt

I wanted to spruce up my shirt for the upcoming Color Run and found this pattern on Pinterest...... Super cute and very easy to do. Start with a cotton tee of your choice.

Step 2: Mark Lines to Cut

Turn selected tee inside out front up. Lay the tank top you're using as a stencil and mark where the neckline is and how wide the straps are.. Connect lines to form your pattern. (Make sure the armholes kinda line up, if you cut too far down or your boobs will show.)

Step 3: Cut

So here's the scary part... Cut along the lines you made. I did the neckline front and back separate for ease and the sleeve I just did in one cut each.

Step 4: The Back

So after you cut along the pattern, turn your now tank top right side out and flip it over so the back is up. Take one of the sleeves you cut off and open it at the seam... Cut 3 pieces along the straight edge of the sleeve. Wrap your tank straps with the first strip and tie it in an knot. I then took the second strip covered the knot and wound further down the straps. The same goes for the third, when you get close to the bottom tuck in the fabric creating a nice "pleat".

Step 5: Wear and Enjoy!

Final step is to show off your one of a kind shirt! Hope you liked this tutorial and enjoy!

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    3 years ago

    very cute and great idea

    aqua 12
    aqua 12

    6 years ago

    Cool ;p