Turn A4 Paper to Fake Parchment



Introduction: Turn A4 Paper to Fake Parchment

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Today, I am going to show you how to make historical parchment paper from white A4 paper. Movies and TV series sometimes need such kind of parchment papers to tell stories about ancient history. So let's talk about that how to produce a parchments with these easy steps.

The Need List:

1. Paper (White A4 paper, brown A4 paper e.t.c.)

2. Tea (I used Çaykur Tiryaki with Çaykur Tomurcuk for the best colour and the best smell ever)

3. Kettle for preparing tea (Çaydanlık)

4. Splayed Bowl


To prepare tea, you need electricity or natural gase to get boil your tea, I mean, we are going to prepare the best tea to make parchment and to enjoy :)

Step 1: Prepare Tea

First of all, we need to prepare dark tea. The more dark tea means the more brown color. We will use this color to paint our A4 white paper.

I have got tea boiler (Çaydanlık) to prepare tea. I used two spoon of tea from my tea jam.

Use carafe to add water to your tea boiler.

Take one paper from paper package then put it on to paper bowl, the bowl is maybe tray with side wall.

Why tea? Because it gives color and good smell for our paper. And it is cheap enough that everybody has tea in their home. So it is easy to get.

Step 2: Put Tea Onto Paper

When tea is ready, fill the paper in the tray with tea.

Don't forget, the more darken tea, the more brown paper color.

Now, just wait for 6-7 minutes.

Step 3: Dry the Wet Paper

Now, take the paper from tray and dry it.

Step 4: Roll Your Paper

From both top and bottom sides, roll to the middle side.

Now, it is ready to use.


That's all !

Step 5: Video Explanation

Check English subtitles from the video's gear icon as settings.

Step 6: BONUS: If You Have More Tea, Drink and Enjoy

Don't waste the tea, if you done to prepare your parchments :)

Step 7: BONUS: Cut the Edges and Add Sticks for Top and Bottom

For extra good design, you can use scissors to cut a little bit from right and left edges.

Also you can add wooden sticks for make it just like a handle.

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