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Introduction: Turn an RV Into a Cube Van

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I wanted to purchase a cube van for a work vehicle but i couldn't pull myself to pay the ridiculously high price on them. After searching for months looking for a fair prices cube can I realized that I had one already..almost, my 1976 Fleetwood Jamboree.

Step 1: Gut It

First off, everything in the inside had to go. I tore out everything which took several days and then I had some space to fill. I saved all of the parts to use for a smaller pull type camper that I will be fixing up.

Step 2: Add Garage Door

The main thing that had to be done was add a rear garage door as the side just wouldn't cut it for a work truck. I took down the back window and began to install a 4'*6.5' garage door. After installed I had some space to fill along the sides.

Step 3: Build Shelving

The shelving I didn't want to rush because I wanted a spot for everything and that is something that will come in time. There's plenty of room now for lots of tools.

Step 4: Horns

I had the longhorns that initially were on a skull and centered on the hood but I came up with the idea to make the whole machine somewhat resemble a bull. This was all hard work but it paid off with one bad machine.



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    Super idea. Thank you. Do you still have the sleeping loft? I have been thinking of converting a camper/RV to eventually be an on road contractor as I need little in ways of furniture..

    I wonder how hard it would be to go the other way? Take a minivan and cut off the back body and build it into a camper. Basically build the box on the mini van frame/floor. I wonder how stable it would be.

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    You could but that would be a lot of work. You can find cheap older motor homes everywhere but there aren't nearly as many cheap cube vans, even if they're older.

    Haha, those horns look cool, but they would sooo get you a ticket in the UK!