Turn Any Pair of Earbuds Into Bluetooth Earbuds!




Introduction: Turn Any Pair of Earbuds Into Bluetooth Earbuds!

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I had a pair of earbuds laying around that I didn't use to often, so I thought why not put them to good use. At the time I needed a pair of bluetooth earbuds for working out but didn't really have the money to buy a nice pair. That's when I thought why not just make my own for much less. The entire build only cost me around 14 bucks. Which saved me so much money and building it was super simple and fun.

Step 1: What You Will Need

1: A soldering iron and solder

2: A lighter

3: Bluetooth module - link right here- https://www.amazon.com/Mpow-Bluetooth-Receiver-Str...

4: Drill gun or something you can cut a hole with in plastic

5: An old pair of earbuds. I used the earbuds Apple provides with there Ipods

Step 2: Cutting the Buds

The first thing you need to do is to cut the wire and expose the inner wires. Cut the wire were the wires from the left and right earbud become one, to make things easier.

Step 3: Burnnn

Simply burn the ends of the wire so a good connection can be made when soldering

Step 4: Wiring

This part can be tricky if you don't know what wire corresponds to what. Good news anyone using the same earbuds as me will be fine, bad news is, different earbuds may use different color coding so you may have to play around for a bit. That's what I did and it did not take long. Anyway start by taking the bluetooth module out to of it housing. Next take the green wire in this case and solder it in the back (use picture for reference). Then take the red wire and solder it in the next pin in front of it (use the picture for reference). Then you will see 3 wires left or maybe more if there is a mic. You only need the wires that are coiled red with copper and coiled green with copper. Take both of these wires and solder both in front of the red wires pin. (Again use photos for reference) Lastly coat the wires in hot glue, but not that much.

Step 5: Putting Everything Back

All you need to do now is mark a hole close to the top of the original case of the module for the earbud wire can feed out and cut it. Once you have done that secure it with a little hot glue, but not to much other wise you may not be able to click the top piece back on.

Step 6: Clips

Lastly all you have to do is glue on a clothes pin or a binder clip so you can attach it to your clothes. You can also just let it hang.

Step 7: Done!

Hope you all enjoyed!

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    26 Discussions

    I made a similar rig, but you have missed an important point. If you want the best sound, buy a receiver with "AptX" codex like this one:


    Your phone or source must also support AptX, but you will not get the best sound quality without it.

    Note: My understanding is that iPhones don't support AptX, but most Android phones do. Check your phone specs. (AptX info: https://www.cnet.com/news/can-aptx-give-you-better-sound-over-bluetooth/)

    Also, I got a self locking adhesive clip that I added. The one I got was made of steel, but they don't seem to make it anymore. It is similar to this, and won't come off your clothes without holding the unlock:



    11 months ago

    gee I so wanted to make this but when I went to the link it said does not ship to my part of the world Amazon sucks some times I have noticed it has stopped shipping to,Australia from many of their customers who sell via them.

    I will have to,look for the part else where but once I have found it I will make it I just can not afford the Bluetooth buds for the iPhone they are way way way over priced almost 1/4 of what I paid for the phone and that's madness

    Loved the idea even I can make it when I get the part that is:-/ thanks for the instructable, I have saved it to my one day to,make folder here :-) :-)

    4 replies

    here try aliexpress


    lol PS I also voted for you as it's such a MacGyver project :-D

    Wow I didn't know Amazon diddnt ship there. I'm so glad I could help, thanks for the message it really meant a lot!

    your welcome :-D

    Love the instructable so,kept in me list of one day to make list :-D just have to,hunt down the part which I am sure I can find one eBay if I keep looking :-)

    Of course!

    I think this is a great idea. Yes I know about the jack. Whatever. For me it is the idea of making one thing into another thing.

    Gave you a Bluetooth vote :)

    Question. So for high end head phones I am guessing it will work just less battery life?

    Secondly, Can I use music from my computer on this if the computer also has bluetooth? As in, will this module only work with a phone or what?

    Thanks :)

    2 replies

    Thanks you so much! Yes you can use your computer and any earbuds work.

    Ok thank you very much for replying so fast :)

    Hey Ulysses G,

    Glad to see you actually made these. Nice job!:{) btw the jack is for people who don't like to make....So KEEP MAKING!!!


    Daniel Quintana

    1 reply

    Hey man thanks so much! Hope to see some more of your awesome projects!

    You could also drill the hole and feed the wire through it. Would look a bit cleaner than the gap you now created.

    1 reply

    Brilliant. I have a bluetooth receiver that I used to connect to some home speakers, I never thought to make my old earbuds wireless! Thank you for sharing!

    1 reply

    11 months ago

    so, how's the sound quality compared to the original? (since the connection is no longer pure copper but you have the soldered joint).

    also, how about battery duration and total weight?

    1 reply

    Sound quality is still great it just depends on your earbuds. Battery lasts about 8 hours I think and it is very light, but I don't have a scale to tell you it's exact weight, but you barely notice you are wearing it.

    I don't mean to offend but am genuinely curious: why didn't you just plug the earbuds into the bluetooth module?

    1 reply

    So you can have 2 people listen at once if needed, and don't worry about it.