Turn Cereal Boxes Into Useful Storage Organizers




Introduction: Turn Cereal Boxes Into Useful Storage Organizers

Cereal boxes are only good as long as there's cereal left in them. However, they quickly become trash once all that cereal has been consumed. Not any more! The cardboard used for cereal boxes is great for making smaller boxes to organize drawers and such with. In my case, my battery drawer needed sorting, so that's what I'll be using as an example.
Supplies you'll need:
~ cereal box, or a box made with similar material. One layer cardboard is what we need. Corrugated cardboard could work, but it is a bit too thick.
~ tape or glue. I use tape in this Instructable.
~ a craft knife
~ something to mark the cardboard with
~ a ruler
~ stuff to put in your finished box

Step 1: Draw the Net of the Box

Start by making sure the box you want will fit. Figure out the height, width, and length of your desired box. One dimension will need to be at least the combined length of 1 length and 2 heights, and the other will have to fit 1 width and 2 heights.

Once you know it will fit, make guideline marks on the edge of the box face you are using. Using  the edges of the face will help keep your measurements straight. Starting from one side, measure the height of the box and place a mark , then measure the length of the box and mark. Do the same on the opposite edge. Then mark the remaining two sides, using the width rather than the length. The marks should be arranged like the first picture, directly across from each other.

Next, connect opposite marks, guiding your pen with the ruler (See the second picture). This creates the basic shape. Finally, if needed, "crop" the two longer walls by measuring the height up from the base and drawing another line.

We've basically drawn ourselves a net of the box we want.

Step 2: Cut Out the Box

Simply cut out the box (1st picture). Be sure not to cut the edges between the base and the walls. Much rather, flip the whole thing over and, being sure not to go all the way through, GENTLY slice a line across each of those lines. This is to create a joint that will make constructing the box a lot easier. As long as you don't press very hard, it'll work. Use your ruler as a guide while cutting ( 2nd picture).

Step 3: Construct the Box

Now, just fold up the walls and tape them in place. You're done! Fill the box with whatever you wish. Now go forth and organize!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    While I agree that repurposing cardboard boxes is a great way to recycle and reuse, I find the material rather flimsy for storage. I'd much prefer plastic containers to be honest.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    It is flimsy, as you say. These boxes are really useful for holding bits and pieces temporarily on a desk/workbench. The primary benefit is that you can quickly make a container of any size you need, while purchased plastic containers are often too big.