Turn Clay Into Chocolate Halloween Pops




Introduction: Turn Clay Into Chocolate Halloween Pops

About: Make your flexible rubber molds with ComposiMold. Make more unique molds with 1 pound of ComposiMold than with 20 pounds of other mold making materials. Great for many applications including casting figurine...

Sculpt any spooky character and turn it into chocolate!

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Step 1: Sculpt Your One of a Kind Face.

Use your favorite polymer clay to sculpt a 1"-2" face. Be sure the back of the face is flat.

Step 2: Apply a Mold Release.

Spray or paint on a thin layer of vegetable oil to act as a mold release. Be sure to get it into all the details and crevices of the original sculpture.

Step 3: Pour Melted ComposiMold-Food Contact Over Your Sculptures.

Melt the ComposiMold-Food Contact in the microwave per instructions. We melted it in 4 intervals of 45 seconds. Be sure it doesn't boil or this will introduce too many bubbles. If you accidentally boil it, let it sit so the bubbles can rise up and out.

Pour the melted ComposiMold-FC over the sculptures (that you hot glued to the bottom of the container so they don't float) and cover them by at least 1/2".

Step 4: Move the Pesky Bubbles.

Since the ComposiMold-FC is transparent, you can see if there are any bubbles sitting on the surface of the sculptures. Check in the detailed crevices too. Simply move them away from the surface with a toothpick. You don't have to pop them or completely remove them, just be sure they are not touching the surface of the polymer clay.

Step 5: Let Mold Cool and Remove Sculptures.

Let the ComposiMold-FC cool in the fridge for about 45 minutes. Flip the mold over and cut a clean opening around the back of each clay shape. Bend the mold away from the clay shapes and pop them out of your mold.

Step 6: Make Lollipop Stick Channels.

Lay a ruler down on the mold and melt straight channels from the cavities where the clay shapes were to the edge of the mold. This can also be done by cutting with a sharp knife. These channels will hold the lollipop sticks while the chocolate is cooling and hardening.

Step 7: Fill Your Mold With Chocolate!

Melt chocolate wafers that you can buy at the craft store. You can melt them in a microwaveable squeeze bottle or in a glass dish and then transfer to a piping bag or a sandwich baggie. Squeeze the chocolate into the lowest, most detailed parts of the mold cavity first. Tap the mold on the counter and then fill the rest of the mold. Tap on the counter again to release any trapped air bubbles. Place the lollipop stick into the channel, roll it to coat with melted chocolate or pour a little more melted chocolate over the stick to help hold it in place. Let it cool.

Step 8: Remove Your Spooky Chocolate Face Pops and Enjoy!

Once the chocolate has cooled, you can remove the pops the same way you de-molded the clay sculptures earlier. Turn the mold over and bend the mold away from the chocolate pops. They should easily release onto your table. You can then pipe more melted chocolate onto them for added detail. That technique was used for their spiked hair. Then all you need to do is...eat!

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Wouldn't the polymer clay contaminate the moulds? If you can't even eat off the same cookie sheet used to bake the clay then I don't see how this can possibly be food safe.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you for your question. We chose a certified non-toxic clay that releases no harmful chemicals when it's baked, based on their safety/data info. Therefore we felt safe to use this clay as our original object in this project. Of course, use your good judgement when choosing materials to make molds of for any edible crafts.