Turn Drawers Into Shelving (Easy)




This is an idea my wife had to deal with a lack of storage. I just took a old nightstand removed one of the drawers and turned them into a small shelving unit.

Tools/Material needed:

1.Old Drawer

2.Screw gun / screw driver

3.Sand paper / sander

4.nail gun


Step 1: Removal of Hardware.

I used a screw gun to remove the rails and the drawer knob.

Step 2: Everyone's Favorite Step.

Sanding! I know I can't be the only one that hates this step but, it is an important one. So sand off all paint and anything else to where you have just bare wood.

Step 3: Measuring

After the sanding is done time to measure out the shelf this is pretty self explanatory. Just measure the inside length and depth of drawer and you will have the dimensions of your shelf.

Step 4: Cutting

after you have your measurements it is time to cut your shelf. Unfortunately I do not have a table saw so I used and circular saw.

Step 5: Mounting Your Shelf

So now that you have your shelf cut you can mount your shelf in the drawer. First I used the existing hole for the drawer knob and screwed a screw into one side of the shelf. Then I used a level to make sure that my shelf would be level and then I used my finish nailer and nailed the other side.

Step 6: Paint Your Shelf

Finish off your shelf by painting it anyway you see fit.

Thank you for checking out my instructable. I truly appreciate it.



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    1 year ago

    Ooh, ideas. I am trying to think of a way to use a few sentimentally salvaged drawers, and this may be it, but without the sanding. I aim to preserve all the chipped paint layers and graffiti scratchings of generations of high school students. I may even hack at them with a screwdriver to distress them a little more. Thanks!


    2 years ago


    it's given me an idea for hubby to make for grandsons rooms


    2 years ago

    step two's photo being sideways, the golf bag really had me confused for a minute.

    i'm better now.


    Nice. And you can easily make a larger shelf by stacking them and alternating sides.