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Introduction: Turn Lamp Into Speaker Tower

About: I'm 16 in Waco, Texas. I love being outside and building things, I can build anything with just a few ideas and tools.

I had this old 3 way lamp that I wasn't using and was about to throw it away, so I decided to make it useful.

Step 1: Breaking Down the Parts

I used a cheap pair of speakers that someone gave me that already have a auxiliary jack and sat inside a cardboard square. I stripped the speakers down to just the speakers and the cord. I then began stripping out the light sockets.

Step 2:

I disconnected the light housing from the post and cut off the light socket. I also kept and glued the switch back in place to make it look more realistic.

Step 3: Reassembly

I then taped off the end of the old light wires and reassembled the fixture.

Step 4: Feeding the Speaker Wire Through

I drilled a hole where I wanted the auxiliary to poke out and began feeding the speaker wire through the post. Luckily part of the post unscrews and it made it a lot easier.

Step 5: Adding Ipod Holder

(This is optional) I decided to add something to hold my ipod so it wasn't just hanging there when playing music. I hot glued an altoids tin to the pole and drilled a hole for the cord. I am using an iPod nano, so make something according to the size of your device.

Step 6: Attaching Speakers

Lastly I soldered the wires to the speakers and hot glued the speakers to the light housing. Now it is more modern and has different uses. The speakers aren't the best but I might build a better one in the future. If you have any other ideas like this you want me to build post in the comments. Rock on!



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    Mine sounded great with coconut filler from the garden department at Home Depot to seal the backing on the light fixtures. That and simple window seal to fix the speakers in place.

    Just browsing through the Home Depot garden department, I found everything I needed to seal the light fixtures up and make these acoustically sound. Did the old 'Steely Dan' test and they sounded pretty good with two $13 4" speakers I got from a local electronics retailer.


    I would be very interested in developing this further by adding a small base unit amp and some built in crossovers. The directionality of the swivel heads makes this ideal for a small apartment or studio.


    5 years ago

    I would like to thank everybody for the popularity this instructable has gotten and its only my first. Thank you for helping me get featured and please vote for me in the soundhack contest! I promise more will be coming soon!


    5 years ago

    The sound isn't that great because I just used cheap speakers but the lamp housing kind of amplifies the sound

    Great idea, I would try to get something like this for my scooter, two speakers in retro style!:)

    I like your creativity in re-purposing the old lamp. Sometimes I see these in thrift stores. What a great idea.

    They wont be loud enough because the resisttance will be too much.. I dont know if you understant what i mean.. My english us not that goot too.. Simple physic.. R=pl/s

    I like this idea. How loud is it? I think you should add some sort of amp to it. Cool project!


    5 years ago