Turn on the Tv


Introduction: Turn on the Tv

Step 1: Take Remote

Taking the route was a hard process start by lifting your fingers then picking up easy is that!

Step 2: In the Pv Should Turn On

Need to change the channels with the remote ,make sure to find the appropriate channels for what you're allowed to watch

Step 3: Then!!'!!!!!!!!!

Then sit back and relax



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    Used to be a good site, then they started allowing posts like this.

    6 replies

    Hmmm, you know, if you don't like it, you can just be quiet.

    He is only on here because he thinks it's really cool, and in a few years he will posting great stuff. Everyone begins somewhere.

    Ill be honest, im ALL for getting youth excited about learning about electronics and everything, but why defend this instructable, its clearly a 100% gag instructable, theres nothing educational, exploratory or otherwise about it. The kid was board, he posted this instructable and its wasting space and time. This is not a site for gags, its a site for people to get excited about learning and doing (electronics specifically for this section).

    And to the OP, it is very hard to convey tone of voice over text, so please read this not as an attack but a simple statement from one person to another; please use this site as it is ment to be used, not as a joke. With that said i hope to see future instructables from you that have some genuine educational value to them. Make on my freind.

    I understand, my point is simply to always be nice, no matter what. Comments that are not constructive but are merely showing displeasure shouldn't be allowed on this kind of a site either. (speaking of howard36) I was not so much defending the ible as trying to show howard36 that he doesn't have to post something mean if he doesn't like the instructable. If we are encouraging and constructive, people will listen. If not, they will be hurt and angry. Keep instructables clean.

    Still a good site, these gag instructables are pretty rare.

    And PS, keep the "cooking" 'ibles outta tech category! Haha, i seen way to many of those in the technology category lately.

    I agree posts like this are a nuisance.

    Instructions weren't clear, got my Xbox stuck in the mini microwave