Turn Those Broken Headphones Into New Ones!

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Step 1: Items Needed

Pair of BROKEN headphones, unless you wanna ruin a new pair, which I wouldn't advise! :-)
Pair of WORKING earbuds,
And tape or glue.

Step 2: Cut!

Cut the wires off of the headphones. Then proceed...

Step 3: Take the Earbuds...

Take the earbuds and tape or glue them on the inside part of the headphones, the part that goes over your ear.

Step 4: Pretty Much Done!

Just plug the earbuds in and they sound and feel like regular headphones! Thanks for reading this instructable! Have a wonderful day!



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    3 Discussions

    honestly, this is horrible. Really? Putting in-ear headphones inside over-ear ones? The diameter of the transducer from the in-ear to over-ear is ridiculous. I NEVER post comments. But i feel compelled to tell you this.

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    That's a bit unfair. Obiously, the person who made this had some broken headphones, made this, and wanted to share it in case people wanted to make it, so if you don't like the idea, it's fine, but you don't have to leave a comment on how it's a 'rubbish idea'.