Turn Trash Into Knight Weapons!

Step 1: The Sword

To make a sword, you will need 1 mini strip of any cardboard and glue and a crafting stick. First you get the craft stick and put glue somewhere on it. Then you attach the cardboard and fold it. Finally you lower it or raise it to the glued spot.

Step 2: The Bow

Now you need a craft stick and glue only. First you break the craft stick in 3 pieces make one biggest. Now you glue them together in a bow form and your done!

Step 3: The Crossbow

You need a normal craft stick and a bow and glue for this one. Attach the bow with the stick in a crossbow form at the end of the stick and your done!

Step 4: The Cannon

For this one you need to make an N shape with craft sticks and glue. Then you put 2 other sticks and glue them on top of each other then glue the two sticks into the N.

Step 5: Invent Even More!

YOU can make your own instructive weapons like these. I only made 4 but you can make much much more!



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