Turn Waist Bag Into Lens Bag

Introduction: Turn Waist Bag Into Lens Bag

About: I'm Allen T. Well, I like to do all kinds of stuff, but first of all it has to be fun! Let us create more, and consume less.

Ever wanted to have a lens bag that you can grab within your reach, for fast lens switching?
You can make it on your own, without buying a expensive camera/lens bag.

*This Lens bag DIY do not concentrate on the protection, it strive for portability.*

The very first thing to do is to find a suitable waist bag. (it should be a bit bigger than a normal waist bag)

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Go to art paper store and find some foam papers. We are making Cushions!

  • Foam papers (for cushioning)
  • Fiber sheets (for covering the cushions)
  • Cardboard papers (for drafts)

Make sure to get A3 size (or bigger) foam papers, you need them large.

Step 2: Prototyping / Drafting

My waist bag has 3 pockets: The 'upper pocket', the 'thin pocket' inside the upper pocket, and the 'front pocket'. In here, I'll make cushions for 2 pockets only. The front pocket is for the bottle to put in.

First, for the 'thin pocket'.

Cut the draft cardboard paper the size of the thin pocket innings as close as you can, and then try putting it in the . Redo it until you're satisfied that it fits nicely.

Step 3: Make the Cushion for Thin Pocket

  • After the 'best' prototype piece is decided, cut the foam paper out of it's shape.
  • Cut an outline (an inch more than the shape) This is for the "skin" of the cushion.
  • Place both pieces backwards, the fiber sheet piece at the bottom, foam one on top.
  • Fold the fiber sheet forward like the 2nd picture above. Use glue or tape to stick it.
  • Put it inside the thin pocket, it should be fit.

Step 4: Make the Main Cushion Pad for the Upper Pocket

This is the main cushion pad, where the lens will be put on top.

  • Create a draft cushion pad using cardboard paper. (mine is an oval shape.)
  • Use adhesive spray to glue 2 pieces of foam papers together, to make a thicker cushion. (make sure the sizes are bigger than the draft one.
  • Cut the shape out.
  • Apply the fiber sheets, glue it & trim it.
  • Cut the horizontal lines out (about 2 inches), it's for the partition cushion to go through.

Step 5: Make the Foam Piece for Partitions

  • Cut out a long rectangle from the foam paper. (about 12"x 2" inches tall)
  • Fold out 2 protrusions /"flippers" as partitions.The distance between the 2 protrusions should be the distance of the 2 horizontal cut-lines on the cushion pad.

Step 6: Final Touches...

For a better cushioning effect, let's add some extra protection for the partitions.

Cut 2 squares of rubber foam, and glue it inside each "flipper". (sandwich them)

Next, trim out the upper and the lower corner of the flippers so they will slide in more nicely when closing the pocket. (or zip it close)

Step 7: Done!

Now the main cushion set is complete.
Put it inside the top pocket, and your DIY lens bag is complete!

You can now put on the lens or other accessories for quick access within your reach!

For more detail about this creation, you can visit the post in my blog site.

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    great work! Love this project - recycling old waist bag to something so usable and clever!

    Snouty Creations
    Snouty Creations

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Actually, I bought it cheap and DIY it for my occasional photography outings, hehe.