Turn Windows 10/7/8 Laptop Into a Wifi Hotspot! Using Command Prompt!





Introduction: Turn Windows 10/7/8 Laptop Into a Wifi Hotspot! Using Command Prompt!

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Turn Windows 10/7/8/ Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot. This shows you how to create a Wifi Hotspot on Windows 10/7/8 using a few commands in command prompt. This concept of Wireless Hosted network was introduced in Windows 7. By using this feature we can easily create a virtual wireless adapter.To do this we only require a CMD(Command Prompt!) with Administrator privileges.

Step 1: Watch Video on How to Create a Wifi or Follow Steps

Step 2: Steps

First Open Command Prompt As Adminstrator.

Type these commands.

1. netsh wlan show drivers - This command shows whether your laptop supports this feature.

2. netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=[YourHotspotName] key= [Password]

3. netsh wlan start hostednetwork - It starts the hotspot you just created.

4. netsh wlan show hostednetwork - Shows the status of your hotspot.

Now we need to share the Wired or Wireless connection. Open Run then enter the "ncpa.cpl" (without quotes) to configure the network settings. Please watch the video.

To Stop It Use This Command

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork - Stops Your Hotspot

Watch The Video On How To Fix Errors PC :https://youtu.be/IUTpzCbOj78

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10 Discussions

If hosted network could not be started or isn't supported you can try using Wi-Fi Direct with apps like "WiFi Direct Access Point" that you find in Microsoft App Store of Windows 10.

If you find yourself with a modem but no router, you can share one computer’s connection to other devices with a few commands. You’ll need to ensure that your computer has a wired and wireless network connection, or a data and Wi-Fi connection. The wireless connection can be shared and used by other computers, tablets and phones.

The IP address is generated by the laptop or from the DNS server that the laptop is connected to?

arghh hp stream hate.

hosted network supported: no.


these are the statuses (stati?) that I got

Screenshot (15).pngScreenshot (16).png

how do you know whether u can do it or not

netsh>wlan start hosted network
The hosted network couldn't be started.
The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.

arghh says

Hosted network supported : No

can u get around it?

Thank you for your great tips. I tried to use OSToto Wifi Hotspot to make my computer into a Wifi Hotspot. Really convenient.