Turn Your Dog Into a Cyborg!


Introduction: Turn Your Dog Into a Cyborg!

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Hey Instructables!  My dog, Coco, loves chasing lasers, and now he can always have one to chase!  I mounted this laser on two peices of hockey tape that were stuck together.  The button is pressed down by a peice of tape.  Wherever he looks, the laser follows!  He also looks a bit like a robot!  He is a little weirded out by the strap around his head, but he will chase it for short periods of time.  I think that this would work better on a cat, since they seem to enjoy chasing lasers more, at least from my experiences.  It might also work better if the laser was mounted on the animals collar, so as not to bother them.  If you like the idea, please vote for me in the Wicked Lasers Contest!  Thanks!



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    i like this idea because my dog is always at the window looking at people passing by, and my neighbors know i own guns. i'm pretty sure there will be a lot fewer kids taking short-cuts through my lawn this year... can't wait to try this

    my dog couldn't keep even a bow on for like 3 seconds. I can't imagine how many injuries i would get from trying to put this on :)

    couldnt the laser hurt his eyes? if he turns to look at you and you look into the beam, wouldnt that hurt your eyes?

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    the laser is pointing away from him and not at his eyes and I only had it on him for a few minutes to watch his reaction. I would never keep this on him for more than a couple minutes. It is also just a low power laser from the dollar store that I had kicking around.

    thats a great idea to make them go to bed early!

    its not animal cruelty its animal funty! could you imagine this dog chasing this laser for hours while it moves with the exact movement he does genius!!

    omg;)) he looks like my caniche:P i have a 8 years old one (Dodo) - there's a picture in one of my instructables)
    he's so cute:)
    good luck with your laser (just be carefull so it doesnt harm his eyes:P)

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