Turn Your Lawn Mower Into a Pirate Ship




Introduction: Turn Your Lawn Mower Into a Pirate Ship

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Taking the easy road to do anything, is just plain boring to us. If we can create a new challenge and use it as a way to work through some ideas, we are into it! Take for example our concept to build a boat, for use in a quick little promo video with Hellbound Glory. The video is for their upcoming Rebel Soul Tour with Kid Rock and Buckcherry. Instead of just having actors play a role or to show some live footage of the band, we wanted to up the ante and have some fun.

This whole project started off with the idea of creating a new set of flags for the band to be used as stage backdrops. The Hellbound Glory logo needed to be sewn on bright orange canvas, to help jump off of all the black on the stage setting. Putting up some crappy banners made from vinyl just felt soulless and we wanted them to have a proper setup, to be seen by the hundreds of thousands of fans on this tour.

Our story needed an interesting narrative to help tie everything together. While conjuring up the the local folklore over in Morehead City, North Carolina, about the one and only Blackbeard, we got to thinkin' on his infamous pirate flag. Creating a flag and or banner from scratch was our mission and we enlisted the help of our favorite upholstery team to sew the various elements together. Our theory was that if the flags were done right and proper, then they should be approved by the one and only Blackbeard himself. Luckily for us, a partner in crime, just so happens to be a Blackbeard stunt double.

After a quick sketch in our handy notebook, we were ready to head off to Lowe's, to see what materials, we could procure. Now you might be thinking this is a bit of insanity and yes we completely agree with ya. But then again, that is the whole point of a design challenge. If we knew all the parameters and over thought this idea, then we might even reconsider spending the next twelve hours constructing a faux boat made for a minute long short movie.

With supplies in hand, what better time to start building a ship than 9pm on a Friday night. After working until about two am, we opted to call it a night and start up again early in the morning to finish the task at hand. All in all, it took around twelve hours to get the boat figured out and built. Would we do it again, yep in a heartbeat!

Huge thanks to Tams Higgins, Mike Thompson, Buck Thrailkill and Shane DeRuise for helping out on this project. Without their help, there is no way in hell I could have gotten it all done. Also we need to give Blackbeard a proper shout out. His legacy lives on in these parts and growing up by the sea in old pirate stomping grounds, has allowed that part of East Coast nautical culture to be firmly embedded into my DNA. I also shot and edited the short film and put it all together. Life is too short not to try your hand at everything!

For more of our builds keep up with us on on our blog or flickr pages:




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    4 Discussions

    This is brill! I love the idea of the neighbors looking over the fence and seeing you cut the lawn as a pirate! You should turn it into a tank next! lol


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I absolutely love the things people do with riding lawnmowers. My mom used to have one that would let you load up the engine and dump the clutch, and it would yank the fronts. So much joining was done on that thing. I hope you drove that around the neighborhood afterwards.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I left it the frame on the lawn mower for about a week, before there wasn't any extra space for it in the shop. Damn that was fun to cruise around on. Just wish I could have let it stay on until at least spring for the first time I had to cut grass.