Turn Your Metal Trunk Into a Coffee Table



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If you have an old metal trunk lying useless, you can easily turn it into a coffee table or bench.

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Step 1: Materials

Metal trunk

Primer for metallic surfaces

Enamel paint(or any paint for metallic surface)

Brush For painting

Drill machine

Small size furniture legs or curtain finials that can be used as legs.( I used egg shaped red wooden curtain finials as legs)

Step 2: Drill One Hole at Each Corner on the Bottom

Sorry I dont have a picture of holes but it is a fairly simple step. Just turn your trunk upside down and drill a hole at each corner leaving a margin of 2 inches.

Step 3: Apply a Coat of Primer and Paint the Trunk

Apply a coat of primer. Let it dry and then apply three coats of paint. Let it dry after each coat.

Step 4: Fix Legs

In the holes drilled at all four corners fix your furniture legs or curtain finials. That's all.

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