Turn Your Stationary Bicycle Into Home Office!

Introduction: Turn Your Stationary Bicycle Into Home Office!

So the issue was: I am working from home many times reviewing reports. On the other hands I could do 2 things at the same time: work and work out. But the mouse did not fit the "shelf" I could fix to my stationary exercise bicycle. Therefore I had to make a new shelf, which serves as a holder for my laptop and mouse

Step 1: Buy a Piece of Pinewood, Cut Out the Part Where the Display of the Bicycle Is

Step 2: With a Wood Routed Carve Out the Frame From Which Laptop Does Not Fall Out

Step 3: Plain Manually the Surface

Step 4: Drill Some Holes

Step 5: With Old Shoestrings Fix the Tray to the Bicycle, Put Laptop on and Start Working While Working Out!

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