Turn Your X-Mod Into an RC-XD From COD Black Ops

Introduction: Turn Your X-Mod Into an RC-XD From COD Black Ops

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This is a tutorial on how to easily turn your X-Mod RC car into the most liked killstreak from Call of Duty: Black Ops, the RC-XD.

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Step 1: Things You'll Need

Things you'll need:

1) Your X-Mod RC car without ther outer cover (Shell).
2) Spray paint (Try to get a close enough color to a pale yellow and grey.)
3) A straw.
4) A small card board box. (Like a J-ello box.)
5) Wires (For a realistic effect.)
6) Scissors
7) Clear tape.

(You might also need an exacto knife for cutting small holes in the boxes for the wires.)

Step 2: Step 1: Making the Carboard Boxes, and Other Things You'll Spray Paint

You'll need to cut off the ends of the J-ello box to make the boxes with the bottom of each box open. ( You might have to cut and tape the ends to make them smaller. I had to.) Also, you'll have to make a rectangle for the front and cut your straw down to fit over the box that's on the middle of the car (Like in the picture).

Step 3: Step 2: Spray Painting

1st, spray paint the box that will go on the back of your X-Mod pale yellow. 2nd, spray paint the other box, the straw, and the rectangle gray.

Step 4: Step 3: Adding the Wires

Once your spray paint dries, it's time to add the wires for a realistic effect. You'll want to cut small holes in the two boxes where you want the wires to go using your scissors or an exacto knife if it makes it easier. Then put the wires inside the holes and tape the wiresdown on the inside. (It helps if you part the inside of the wires in opposite directions and then taping them down.)

Step 5: Final Step: Putting the Pieces Onto the X-Mod

For the last step, you;ll want to tape all the objects onto your X-Mod like you see in the picture. It's a pretty easy step.

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