Turn Yourself Into an Avatar

Introduction: Turn Yourself Into an Avatar

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Turn yourself into an AVATAR!

Step 1:

1. Obtain typical Myspace photograph of yourself
2. Have photo of Avatar poster or character handy
3. Open Photoshop
4. Open New Layer titled SKIN
5. Use soft round brush to airbrush a blue color over skin
6. Change opacity to desired effect.
7. Open New Layer titled MARKINGS - LINES
8. Use a small hard round brush to imitate line markings of an Avatar with lighter blue (lower opacity)
9. Open New Layer titled MARKINGS - DOTS
10. Use small hard round brush to apply white dots along the nose and forehead (sharped for extra pop)
11. Open FILTER and select LIQUIFY to change physical characteristics (eyes, jawlines, nose, shoulders, etc.)
12. Copy hair and ears from an Avatar photo to sex up your Avatar
13. Optional: Add random accessories such as necklaces, arm bands, etc.
14. Optional: Add AVATAR logo to bottom so people don't think you're channeling smurfs.

Step 2: Congratulations!

Enjoy looking awesome!

Happy Halloween!



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    Hey I like ur instructable