Turn a Crappy Table Saw Into a Good One Up-dated

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Hi If you viewed my Instructables on how to improve a crappy table saw you might want to further improve it by adding a removable router table. if you need any further information please check out the youtube video at the end of this sort intro.

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Step 1: The Router Table Storage and Underside of Table

Parts required for the build assuming that you have built the side table so far.

2 tongue and grooved boards I used oak flooring


3 hardwood strips

NVR Switch with plug my is UK spec


Jig saw

power drill screw driver

I'm omitting the router lift if you need instructions for your build please look up Steve Ramsey youtube video.the only difference was that he used a round router and my was a plunge router that i butchered to fit

Step 2: Router Table Top Side

I glued the 2 boards together and routered a 10 mm rebate to the top after cutting the hole out with a jigsaw I used 10 mm nylon for the router lift top but and I re-enforced it with hardwood strips make sure that the strips are thin enough for the table to slide on past the table supports.

The router table slides on in the grooves

Step 3: The Router Lift

Router lift Curtsey of the Steve Ramsey Design

Step 4: Fence and Extraction

I used the fence and switch of my old metal router table, I don't use the router table that much but I'd like a £ for every time i moved it.

the top now sit permanently under my saw and the router lift lives under the Band saw stand,

I Have included a video link for all the steps outline above please view my other Video's and subscribe for more Machine improvements.

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    3 years ago

    Hello, I'm gathering information before I start throwing money at work shop tools. I like the router and router table addition to the table saw. You mentioned having to butcher your punch router to make it fit. Can you tell what is needed, or would an edge router be more suitable?

    1 reply

    first of all let me apologise for the late reply but somehowI missed your inquiry.
    I didn't take any photos or videos of the router lift has its been done on utube by verious contributers. I had a small 3/8 plunge router that I used for the project I took the handles off and cut the pastic away on one side to form a round but on the otherside I kept most of the plastic on but ground it down to a flat 90 degree face and mounted this to the router lift with 2 jubilee clips.job done it took about 1/2 hour .in all the videos I've seen if using a round body router you have to make a carriage and clamps for it , I think mine was much easier to build once I got over having to take a hacksaw to it.

    marcello bianchilivichris

    Reply 3 years ago

    Sorry I've just been on youtube and a I can't find a link but if you go om youtube and put in steve Ramsey with a E router lift it's in 2 parts hope this helps let me know how you get on