Recycle a Winter Sweater Into a Sporty Strapless Dress





Introduction: Recycle a Winter Sweater Into a Sporty Strapless Dress

About: Learn how easy is to design your own clothes! The best Do-it-yourself videos on the web! Join me :D

Learn how to turn a frumpy Winter Sweater into a Sporty Strapless Dress with Matching Jacket



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    7 Discussions

    aWESOME! I am so going in my husbands closet and get all those ugly shirts!

    hola Giannyl la verdad me encantan tus estilos y la sencilles k haces las cosa, pero yo soy muy gordita gracias a mi tiroides y pues te queia comentar si a nosotras las gorditas nos puedes ayudar gracias.
    lil bendiciones

    everything you recycle seems to be too big for you to begin with.. why did you buy them? haha, anyways, i like your videos, very.. inspirational. haha, seriously. i wish i had as many over sized t-shirts as you do!

    Wow she upgraded to a sewing machine. Congratz Giannyl

    Excellent as always. I hate my sewing machine - its the cheap cheapy cheap cheapest model you can buy, and its a big pos. it misses every...4 out of 5 stitches, they don't catch on the bottom if you sew anything thicker than 1 sheet of tissue paper. Tensioning is a joke too - its either 'high' or 'very high'.

    Awesome, as usual. Thanks for sharing!