Turn a Standard Shirt Into a Hot Outfit





Introduction: Turn a Standard Shirt Into a Hot Outfit

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Learn how to turn a standard shirt into a hot outfit



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    Girl, you need food. I recommend some beef, a bunch of potatoes and some salad at least once a day.

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    Why not add some pierogi, cream gravy, and some farmer sausage. mmmmm.....pierogi's **Homer mouth drool**

    Should be 'Turn a Standard Shirt into a Bathing suit' Not bad though, cute idea, doubt that silk would last very long in water haha

    2 replies

    I agree. Great idea! Couldn't wear that to a public pool. You'd get told to change because that material without lining would be just like being naked when the material got wet. The top would be good to wear to the club. The bottom would get you arrested LOL.

    fortunately i live in a country where you don't get arrested for that.

    Great video though. Making bikini briefs out of a t-shirt. Great idea

    Wow. Not everyone could work that little thing as well as you. Very cute on both counts.

    omg! i can't stop watching your instructables, you're amazing.  I mean beautiful and a really crative girl.

    She is very talented at what she does! Very good, I will make sure my wife watches her videos

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