Turn a Broken Dining Room Chair Into a Swing.

The leg support on this dining room chair started to splinter with years of use, but the rest of it looks just fine.  So I took off the legs and turned it into a swing.



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    Love This!!!!! I love to swing and at 51, this would be much more comfortable! Now to watch the curbside trash for a great swing candidate!! Thanks a bunch!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Love this!

    My only concern is that the chair back probably wasn't built to handle forces like that, and it could pull out? It might be attached with nothing but glue. Perhaps some rope could be sent through the back of the seat? One at the middle, or one at each corner. You'd still need the rope just like it is around the backrest so the swing sits up properly, but an additional point from the back would really crank up the safety factor.



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    Yes, you are correct. I was just lucky that the arch on the back of this chair is held in place with wedges on both sides so that with use it tightens even more, but if that were not the case I would’ve supported the back with screws from the bottom like I did in the front. I did test the swing myself before letting my daughter on it and it held up 205 pounds without a hitch.

    It’s just one rope. On the top, the rope just goes over the pole and is tied with two knots (one on each side). The rope is woven through the back of the chair and held in the bottom front part of the chair with two inch screws.