Turn a Long Sleeved T Into Children's Play Wear




Introduction: Turn a Long Sleeved T Into Children's Play Wear

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In the hot summer months I find myself following the "out with the old, in with the new" mind set as I ditch all my long sleeve T's in exchange for something a little cooler. This year I decided to try something new and follow the "cut up the old, make something new" mind set instead. With children it seems sun+ water + dirt = more play clothes needed! So I decided to "frankenstein" my old wardrobe into something a little more kid friendly. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the end result & so was my daughter. It's quick & easy, here's how.....

1.Rescue an old long sleeved T from the garbage. (I used a LG and it was perfect for a child 5/6)
2. Lay it out flat & cut about 1/4" below one arm pit, straight across to the opposite arm pit. 
3. Turn the top inside out.
4. Matching the arm pits together lay the sleeves out flat on top of each other with the shoulder seam in the middle. 
5. Cut off the excess material on both sides creating a large V shape.
6. Matching up the arm pits (crotch of leggings) sew together the two sleeves working front to back. 
7. You've now created a pair of leggings. Lay them out flat & cut off any excess from the top, creating a horizontal waistline.
8. Now create a simple elastic waistband at the top of the leggings. (see the diagram)
9. Take the remaining portion of the shirt and fashion a quick tank top by adding a simple elastic band just as you did for the leggings.
OPTIONS: `Leave the top as a tube top
                   ` Add 2 shoulder straps with ribbon or fabric. 
                   `Sew on a loop of ribbon or fabric for a neck strap (I salvaged a band from the hood of my T-shirt to use for the neck)

Now the kids dressers will be fuller & the garbage & little emptier!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    You get my vote! This is so clever and adorable!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I agree, however I'm a little bias. ;)