Turn an Eyetoy Into a USB Webcam




Introduction: Turn an Eyetoy Into a USB Webcam

Okay, so in this instructable we will be turning an Eyetoy into a webcam for Windows Vista. If I find any drivers for Windows 7 and XP I will update this post, however I have heard that the Vista driver is compatible with XP systems. Essencially what we will be doing is installinga new driver, if you don't know what that is I will explain. A driver basically allows your computer to communitcate with other software. They eyetoy is missing a driver, when plugged in your computer will recognize that it is a picture/video device but not that it is a webcam, you need to install a driver that will allow your computer to recognize it as a webcam and use it as one.
This instructable should cost you no money, assuming that you already have an eyetoy. The driver download is free.

Step 1: Step 1: Designating Your Model

The first thing you want to do is check out what model you have. If you have one of the older ones it should be a logitech, if you have the newer silver one it should be a namtai. You can also check this by checking your device manager via the control panel, it should designate it as either a logitech or namtai. Next what you want to do is go to this website: http://search.4shared.com/q/1/eyetoy
This is the result of searching "eyetoy" on www.4shared.com
Select one of the two choices as shown in the picture below, choosing either the Namtai or Logitech version of the driver. Also make sure you are selecting an option with the author by the name of Thomas Dobson.

Step 2: Step 2: Downloading

Next you want to proceed to download the file you selected. The download button should say "Download Now (no viruses detected)" Go through all of the download steps. Just a note, it will ask you if you live in a 50hz country. Countries like the US and Japan are 60hz countries, if you don't know what area you live in you can google search a list of 50hz countries. Also you will most likely encounter a box that just says "???????" and the option to click OK, it doens't mean something went wrong so just click OK and continue. Finish the download and your Eyetoy will be a fully functional webcam! It's actually a pretty high picture quality so have fun!



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    Please help me find a way to make this work on my laptop, Windows 32 vista Thank you. or can you send me a link so i can download it am from the UK i have tryed both links but somehow still not working for me please help thank you


    i just tried this, good thing i have a good antivirus, both scanned(Thomas Dobson is not available) and both want me to upgrade my flashplayer with a trojan! is there a way to do this without getting any viruses?

    4 replies

    If you still needing the driver, drop me a line and I will upload the driver for you and I will also assist you with the installation procedure.


    Please help me find a way to make this work on my PC, Windows 10. Thank you.

    As you are saying you are running Windows 10 on your PC, I guess you are running the 64 bits version, aren't you?

    You have to download the 64 bits of this driver (if you can't find it, drop me a line and I'll upload for you). Go to the hardware administrator, and once there, install the driver using the "update driver" by clicking over the cam icon the right button of your mouse. It will find the driver and install it for you.

    If you still having a problem or if you need further instructions, drop me a line and I will come to you as soon as possible with a complete tutorial.

    When i plug my ole eyetoy into my computer (windows 7) it comes up as an "unknown device" any help?

    Windows 8.1 As of Feb 2015
    Can't believe I am trying to do this, but even so, I am unfortunately not able to get the device manager to detect any drivers within the extracted file. I chose one By: firekitten, the most recent was quaranteed by Macafee for containing a Trojan. This one appears good. I can't really get any of the contents to work independently, so I have no way to directly install a driver through the device manager or the file contents.

    AMCAP is present as Awatson16 mentioned, various application extentions, security catalogs, and SET files.

    I will keep pushing, but it isn't looking so good. If anyone has any solutions, please respond. Even if many years goes by, I would like a response out of sheer curiosity and persistence.

    works well with skype and the eyetoy test program but will not detect on windows 8 camera app and online applications like testwebcam.com... please help

    I got the logitech driver, and essentially took windows by the hand and showed what file to check for the driver, and it read it couldn't install the driver.

    i did this before reading this instructable, and it works nice. I found, however, that the stand was too small and didnt adjust enough for me, so i opened up the casing, removed the stand, and put a nut in the casing with a threaded rod and a conector at the bottom so i can mount it on a tripod. good and cheep. thanks for the instructable.

    I dont normally comment but as im feeling nice today... great drivers, works fine for me even if the install chucked up a tiny error message at the end, all you have to do is tell windows where the extracted file is (For the people saying they have problems with it), I suggest to anyone who does not like to be pink to stick something over the eyetoys red light. File comes with a way to adjust cam options like brightness and hue aswell. Just use the program AMCAP in the downloaded file after installing.

    what about linux? is there anything different about that?

    mine still says that no driver is detected. I tried installing both drivers, but neither work.

    Hey, can u post a video taken with the webcam? I'm curious to see what the frame rate would look like in recorded video.

    Nice! I was sure this was possible but not sure how...Thanks!