Turn an Ikea Candlestick Into a Wall Mounted Vase

Introduction: Turn an Ikea Candlestick Into a Wall Mounted Vase

As part of our string of projects to decorate the bathroom (Alice in Wonderland style), my girlfriend and I started searching for some sconces/wall mounted vases to put fake sunflowers in.  While we didn't find exactly what we wanted, we decided to reengineer something else: a RÖNÅS candlestick holder from Ikea was just what we wanted.

This Instructable details how we turned RÖNÅS candlestick holders into Nambe-style wall mounted vases.

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Step 1: Snag Your Supplies

Here's what you need to make your own:
-A RÖNÅS candlestick holder from IKEA.  We used the 11"  $7.99 version, but they do have one larger (13.5" for $9.99) and two smaller sizes (7" and 9").  I didn't check the other sizes to see if they were built the same, so your mileage may vary.
-Fake flowers.  Again, these came from IKEA, but any should do.
-Dark Green spraypaint.
-Drill with various metal drill bits. I think I used 5/8", 1/2" and 1/4"
-Good set of screwdrivers. There are phillips screws on the bottom, both small (#0 or #00) and large.
-Chisel or strong regular screwdriver and hammer. (In case you need to clean your screw holes
-Drywall screws for mounting

Step 2: Removing the Weight

The candlestick is one solid piece with a rubber bottom.  Peel off the rubber to expose the screws. It's easiest to take the three small screws out first (save them for later). Then, you can turn over the candlestick and the weight should come out.  Remove the middle screw to take off the weight, then discard the weight and large screw.

Step 3: Drill Out a Hole for Your Flowers

Since the bottom panel will be the top of your vase, we'll need to make sure the flowers you want fit. In the case of our sunflowers, we had to drill out the center hole with a 5/8" drill to fit the stem.

NOTE: Make sure you use proper tools for this, and not the wood bit I used.  It might kick around and give you an off center hole (also, don't tell my Grandpa, he'd be so ashamed!)

Step 4: Paint the New Top

Once you've checked that the flowers will fit, you might want to paint the new top.  I used a forest green spraypaint - one coat did the trick.  Make sure to let it dry according to the paint's instructions (likely one hour or more)

Step 5: Drill a Hole for Mounting

Look over the 3 sides of your candlestick to find the one most scratched up (we'll use that as our back).  Make a mark about 2" down from your new top.  Now, we will make two holes in the back, to make a mounting point.  Drill a small hole (1/4") right above your mark, then drill your larger hole (1/2")  right below.  If you don't have a vice to hold the candlestick steady, you might be able to hold the candlestick in place with two pieces of wood on either side.  The picture might give you a better idea of what you need to do.

(If you have a little piece of metal between the two holes, you can chisel it out)

Step 6: Screw on Your Newly Painted Top

Once it's dry, screw back on your new top to the candlestick holder with the original screws.

Step 7: Trim Your Flowers

If your flowers are too long (the sunflowers were about 4" too big) give them a quick trim.  If you use the IKEA flowers, there is a metal core about as thick as a coathanger with some cardboard around it - might need to be trimmed with some wire cutters.

Step 8: Mount on the Wall

All that's left is to attach the new wall-mounted vase to the wall!  You can use a drywall anchor or put a screw into a stud (leaving 1/4" or 1/8" of the screw exposed).  Then slide it onto the screw, put your flowers in, and you're all set!

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