Turn an Orange Into a Candle!




Introduction: Turn an Orange Into a Candle!

This is a quick project that will only take a few minutes and has beautiful and exciting results!

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Step 1: Watch This Video!

Here you can watch me explain the steps as I make the candle. Then you can see it in action.

Incase you're having trouble with the embedded player here's a link: Turn an orange into a candle- video

Step 2: What You'll Need

You'll need a lighter, an orange, a knife, and some vegetable oil. I personally used "Crisco Pure Vegetable Oil" and it worked really well. Olive oil works too, but not quite as well.

Step 3: Cut That Orange

Using a kitchen knife, slowly cut all the way around the center of the orange. You only need to cut skin deep.

Step 4: Separate Fruit and Peel

Press your thumb between the peel and the fruit and work it all the way around the orange so that one half of the peel is completely separated. The only thing now holding the peel on that half should be the stem of the orange.

Step 5: Remove the Fruit

Holding your thumb inside the peel as near the base as you can, slowly pull the separated half of the peel away from the fruit. Done correctly this will pull out the stem still connected to the peel. I've noticed that with larger oranges this is really easy, but with smaller oranges the stem seems to want to stay in the fruit. Moral of the story, buy big oranges!

Step 6: Add Your Oil

It's time to add your veggie oil. Make sure that as you pour, most of the oil is poured over the stem (your candle's wick). You'll want to fill it a little more than half way.

Step 7: Light Your Orange

Lighting a candle orange is a little different than a regular one. Hold the flame to your wick for 15-30 seconds before allowing the candle to burn on its own. Congratulations! You've created a candle from a piece of fruit! Depending on the size and the amount of oil used, a candle like this can burn for up to two or three hours.

Step 8: Awesome Glow!

Here's what the candle will look like in the dark. The thin peel creates a beautiful orange glow that radiates around the candle. Watch the embedded video in step one if you would like to watch me make an orange candle and see it in action. Hope you enjoyed this instructable!

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    41 Discussions

    what are the reasons why it lighted

    Any tips on the type of orange?
    my peel split during the separation either it was too thin or my fingers to thick...

    1 reply

    What i did was cut the whole thing through and through, then shoveled with a fork spoon and knife the "Guts of the orange" out then pulling out the orange left, it is slitly tidious but it works.

    I am trying to use olive oil will it work? And I spooned out the orange so do i have to let it dry? And can I use matches?



    Would you say this traps and burns fruit flies?

    3 replies

    I did this just yesterday with a grapefruit. If you don't take out the skins on the orange slices, they burn too. Just eat out the orange with a spoon and let it dry (or light it with a pen torch ;) Makes a great fire starter after a bit. I used mine till the wax was only left soaked up into the fruit (didn't have much in the first place) and blew it out. The next day, I brought it to my friend's house to show him, lit it, and it started the wood. Eventually, the skin burns too. I'd upload images, the flame was over six inches in my hand, but they're on my phone.