Turn ICarbage to an IScanner (stand for Using Cellphone As a Scanner From Recycled Cardboard)



Introduction: Turn ICarbage to an IScanner (stand for Using Cellphone As a Scanner From Recycled Cardboard)

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I decided to go digital with all my documents (with Evernote Premium) and needed a device to digitize them. Last week I heard about the idea from http://lifehacker.com/5324574/create-an-iphone-document-scanner-from-cardboard and decided to do it myself from the beginning. I had some unused boxes from Apple products and started sketching with them.

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Step 1: Plans

I decided to use iPad package as a bottom and cut a Macbook accessory-box half to use them as poles. Phone holder from the iPhone package is perfect for holding the phone.

Next I taped it together to test the height of the cameraphone and cut through the phone holder with an art knife.

Then I pinned the empty iPhone package to poles to make the stand high enough.

Step 2: Structure

I binded the poles to the iPad package with staples and attached the phone holder with double sided tape. Next I cut some black padding material from MacBook packaging and used it as a platform for documents so that the dim iPad-silhouette wouldn't show in every picture. 

Step 3: Finished

Last step was to tape some black paper from a manual-holder to the front of the box holding the phone, so that it won't reflect too much light. I also made the camera lens-hole bigger so a Desire Z can be used in an emergency situation as a scanner too :).

Just finished scanning about 30 A4's directly to Evernote. The device worked pretty well, I think that the poles will break as they are in a pretty weak position. Adjusting the camera is pretty easy as you can turn the iPhone-box around because it moves freely.

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