Turn Old Military Boots Into Pirate Boots!

Introduction: Turn Old Military Boots Into Pirate Boots!

So next Monday, it will be the "percent" (or "persan" or "père cent", well the 100th before the baccalauréat) in my high school, and I decided to disguise myself as Guybrush Threepwood (a well known pirate from Monkey Island), as he looks like in the second opus. At first I checked the pirate's boots on the Internet and all I found was the well-crafted $300~450 boots that takes 3 weeks to be crafted and sent because it's real handwork. Sure it could be great boots but I didn't have the time and the money to afford those, so I decided to use my old boots from the army surplus (and also my actual shoes) to mod them so they look more like some awesome pirate boots. Yeah well maybe it looks a bit cheap but at least it doesn't cost hundreds of money and it won't take weeks to have it (it took me two afternoons to make those).

Step 1: Get Yer Stuff!

You'll need the following items:
-military boots (or other boots that could be transformed into pirate boots)
-leather (sorry, I don't know how and where you can buy leather since I have a box full of leather sheet. I checked a bit on the internet and the price really varies depending of the leather quality and/or the quantity. But I'm squarely sure that won't cost an arm.)
-A sewing kit (thus including needles (you'll need BIG needles to sew leather, seriously I just broke one regular needle by doing this), thread (black thread fits well the leather than white/clear thread), scissors and a thimble (be careful if like me you're using a cheap plastic-made thimble, the back of the needle can perfectly well puncture the thimble and your thumb both while sewing leather))
And to attach the covering:
-a stapler
-some shoelaces

Step 2: Take Meaayes (mesures)

Maybe you're people like me that dislike when you have to size something and you should follow it to the nearest millimeter. If not you can do it and avoid disasters like realizing that you saw too wide and the thing you're crafting will never fit correctly on your boot. But I used an easier way:
-wrap around the top of your boot, the piece of leather that will change your boot's destiny
-then fold the leather in the shape you'll want to have on your pirate's costume
-mark where you'll have to sew the both ends of your leather sheet
-take off the covering of your boot.

Step 3: Sew!

Well yeah, that's all, sew from the fold point to the bottom. If you were expecting a sewing tutorial then I'm sorry :/ I'm not a great teacher about sewing since I'm still learning but I'm pretty sure that there is lots of tutorials about sewing leather on the internet. All I can tell you is that is the long and painful part.

Step 4: Sew! (part II)

In case you don't have large enough pieces of leather to cover your boots with just one sheet, you'll need to sew two piece (I didn't tried with three pieces, it would be too hard for me): on the front of the boot and on the rear. Be careful with the rear one, the sewing type is not the same on the top than on the rest. On the top, you'll have to cross the sewing and let it a bit loose for the folding.

Step 5: How T' Attach This Correctly

The covering is done! Yay! But now the problem is: how this would stay on my boot?

Well the covering won't stay on the boot by itself. You need a way to attach the leather on the boot, how about using the boot's buckles?
At first I planned to take a strip of leather and staple it to the inside of the covering, but because the leather is too hard or because my staples doesn't want to help me on my quest of cosplaying Guybrush or because I was using the crappiest stapler ever; I decided to use laces instead. It works too.
So with laces all you'll have to do is to tie the laces on the buckles like you would do with regular shoelaces, just think that a loose covering is easier to set but it wont stay as longer as a tight covering.

Step 6: Admire!

Well there it is, you have successfully crafted some pirate boots! Congratulation!

If at first it looks like if some dumb guy put randomly some leather on an obviously army boot, once it's worn with your pirate costume, people will never guess that it was actual army boots.

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ok now I've posted the tuto on the coat. And yes you can see me wearing the full costume.


    7 years ago

    So, where's the shot of you I the full costume?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Soon, I still haven't finished the coat. But when I'm done with this I'll make an Instructables on how to make Guybrush's coat from an old blue lab coat.