Turn Your Junk Hard Disk Into a Tool Grinder




Introduction: Turn Your Junk Hard Disk Into a Tool Grinder


Turn your junk hard disk into a tool grinder!

note: this not my original idea, this was already featured here in Instructables before. 

I just want to submit my own version. I also found out not all Hard disk can be converted to a grinder, some won't spin when you rip out the read/write head, while others, motor are too weak and stop spinning when load is applied.

So far, i discovered that a Seagate Barracuda 3.5 inch desktop hard disk has a strong motor and spins at 7200 rpm. I used the 20GB and 40GB model..

Just follow my pictorial instructable here if you plan to make your own.

Step 1:

Tools needed:

1, torx screw drivers set
2. Phillips screw driver
3. sharp x-acto knife
4. pliers if needed
5. clear goggles - for eye protection 

Parts needed:
1. Old Seagate  Barracuda hard disk drive
2. Different Grit water proof sand paper (floor sander paper recommended)
3. Power supply - 5volts/12 volts, the one used for external drive.

Step 2:

remove top cover with a torx screw driver, i used the number 9!

Step 3:

Next step is to remove the very strong magnet and the read/write head assembly.

Step 4:

Now, remove the disk, then use it as a pattern to cut your sandpaper to its shape..

Step 5:

with your sandpaper already cut, put it over the disk and mount the disk back to the motor, be sure to install the aluminum spacer first, so that the sandpaper and disk is on top, before screwing in the round clamp...

Step 6:

connect to your power supply and fire it up! viola! your own mini grinder!! when the sandpaper wears out, just cut another one and replace it....

Step 7:

I made three of them with different grits, coarse to fine...second photo is the power supply i used, it has an on/off switch on the wire going to the hard disk, very useful to restart if the motor stop spinning....

Thanks for Looking...



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for me double sided tape works best because there are less bumps when applying the adheresive

rubber contact cement, apply on both surface let it dry, then join the two together.

rubber contact cement, apply on both surface let it dry, then join the two together.

Great job! But I would use the disk as a template to cut others metal discs... And on each one I would glue a diferent sand paper. And, of course, keep the original disc to make more in the future. ;)

Please help in recycling HDD has four sockets by external circuit? What are the power supply circuit to him?
Thanks for attention

2 replies

Hello sir
Thank you for your response beginning.
But there is no me like this adapter, so I want: Circuit Diagram him until the terrain.
Thanks for attention

Power supply - 5volts/12 volts

I recently done like this but my hard drive won't spin with its reading/writing head out can you tell me pin meaning of these pins of socket in which harddrive head is connected i think if i shortcircuit two of these pins i can get harddrive spinning..

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HI Mikic94,

what brand of hard disk drive are you converting? i have tested other brands and yes they do not spin without the head..

I have an old dismantled hard drive, the pcb is missing, all that's left are the disks and the cables(4) from the motor, I can't make it spin continuously, it being a step by step motor?
Any idea of how I could make it spin continuously?

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replying 2 years later, I think he got the power supply from a sata/ide to usb kit :)

Very clever indeed!!!!!!!5/5 for the idea and the job done