Turn Your T Shirt Into a Swimsuit /accesories

Forgot your speedos?  No worries, a beach party is never out of the question with this instructable. 
All you need are your handy dandy
- scissors
- needle and thread
- marking device
- and a keen sense of style

....yeah, I lack in style and physique but that does not mean you have to!

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Step 1: Remove Shirt

remove your shirt and imagine how awesome you want to look

Step 2: Select Style

Using your keen sense of style mark out your swimsuit.

....measure twice, leave nothing hanging out.

Step 3: Cut

cut out arms, leg holes, v for neck, save cutting for accessories.

Step 4: Stitch

flip inside out and sew seems according to your own dimensions.

Step 5: Accessories

Mark and cutout the style of swimming goggles, swimming cap and flippers from leftover pieces....any scraps may be used for accentuating the "package" area.

*Caution*  Flippers and goggles DO NOT provide any aide in water sports or activities, using them with such purposes may result in injury or death.

Step 6: Hit the Beach

...dont forget the floaties

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    No need to wait for a Chinook with that gear, just grab a double-double and giv'er.