Turn Your IPhone(Android, Mac, PC, Player, Etc) Into a Universal Remote for $2

Introduction: Turn Your IPhone(Android, Mac, PC, Player, Etc) Into a Universal Remote for $2

Don't you want to use your iPhone (or any other smartphone) as a universal remote? Here is a quick instructable that explains how to do it with just $2 worth of parts.



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    Awsome ! Love this. THX. :)

    he friend external wire can interfere in ir

    mail me pmilind92@gmail.com

    I test on android and did not work, can someone help me

    It didn't show the steps for me. All it says is make a universal remote for 2 dollars. Please help!!!

    would it work wit just one of those ir led connecting the plus to both posive wires

    nice project.

    Hey mikhalchuk, great tutorial! have you released the code for the app yet?


    Hey this is genius! I have been waiting for this kind of hack for a long time. Thanks for sharing!

    by the way, if i plug microphone jack to the transmitter on my remote, can i record my own signals?


    Sorry about late response.

    My answer to this (very interesting) question is Yes and No. Yes because technically it is possible. No, because if you playback the recorded signal it won't work. Some math is required to reconstruct the original signal. That's just personal experience.


    Well, I figured the app won't be too popular because it requires the hardware part. Even though that piece of hardware is trivial most people don't like assembling their own remotes :)

    just curious... is there any chances that this device could be used to capture the IR codes from other devices? (like old TV remote or something)

    cheers :)

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    seriously i need an answer if i do the same thing in reverse can i record rtfms ?

    Check out this iphone IR device that lets you control all your IR remote controlled media devices. only $10! I got one and love it. http://ryzmedia.com/

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    Thank you for the link. To sum up Ryz vs this hack:

    No need to get parts and assemble them
    Much better codes database
    Much better user interface (BTW, did you check this hack's new interface yet?)

    It works only on iPhone vs this hack working on much wider range of devices)
    It costs $10 (this hack you can DIY for free if you have broken headphones and useless remote)
    If you read the reviews in Appstore it crashes, stops working and the codes database is still incomplete

    I'm working on the things this hack doesn't implement well (UI, codes db), so let's rematch in a few, ok?

    Again, thank you for the link, it's useful to have a good competition :)