Turn Your Old Bluetooth Headphone Into Sound Adapter for Every Speaker




Introduction: Turn Your Old Bluetooth Headphone Into Sound Adapter for Every Speaker

So, I had a Nokia BH-503 bluetooth headphones, after a skateboard accident it was broken I've tried to make it together with glue but didn't work, so I've came up with this project. I've just disassembled it and connected a female audio jack, now I can connect it to any speaker, or headphones. If you have a notebook with bluetooth or mobile phone you can freely navigate in your room while your music on the speakers.

Step 1: Disassembling

There are 5 screw 2 for holding body 3 for the speaker part, since you are not going to use it again, you can just rip off the sponge and you'll reach to 3 screws.

Step 2: Soldering

Before soldering I've used crocodile cables to find out which cable belongs to which audio channel.
For audio cable, you can just cut a audio extender cable.

Soldering wasn't easy for an amateur like me. First, burn thin cables carefully with a lighter so it will remove the protector part over the headphone cables then you are ready to solder.

Step 3: Make It Together!

Well the last part is only depends on you. I just simply glued via hot slicone left cover to right cover to make it looks nice. Also for avoiding and troubles and for making it durable, cables also sliconed. There was enough space to put battery inside the shell but sometimes battery can be heated up, so I think it is better to leaving it outside!

Voila! Your new bluetooth audio receiver ready to work with all kind of speakers!



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    Hello, I bought here in Brazil, a copy of china BH-503, but the battery is bad, does anyone know where I can buy the original battery?

    Hello, I bought here in Brazil, a copy of china BH-503, but the battery is bad, I am looking to buy the original battery, but not found. Anyone know where I can buy this original battery?

    Thanks a lot budy, I am thinking about this for a long time. But I was'nt not sure that it will work or not. But thanks to you once again. I have made it my own and its working fine.

    Problem, The bluetooth headphones are STEREO meaning if you have music that pulls left right audio you can only hear half. with newer HD music it does that more than you think. your meathod takes away that second side... i just figured this out myself =x using an old pair of insignia headphones.

    So if you have 4 audio outputs do you just put them to the jack?

    Both Left ---------------------Left-----------------------------------
    Both Right ---------------------Right-----------------------/

    Both ---------------------Ground-------------------------/

    Will this work?, both left and right audio will be pushed to these ports no?
    Please message back

    2 replies

    I am not sure did I really get what do you mean but, to hear a sound from a speaker, you need a pair of cables. One is for signals, the other one is ground which is really it is goes to ground.

    For stereo audio just 3 cables enough you don't need a 4th one. All systems are using this.

    If you mention 2+1 audio, that case is different, that "+1" gives you de deep sound which is bass'es.

    Not entirely true, amplifiers may be designed to have isolated grounding, therefor speakers need 4 wires, more common in bridging amps, and sharing grounds in a 3 wire system will fry an amp.

    hey bro, i have the same headphone and i want to connect to a headphone with mic (pc). theres a way to do it ?

    1 reply

    yes of course just buy a female-stereo+mic audio jack, and solder cables.

    like this one:


    How do you feed power to the speaker you connecting to...
    The bluetooth battery won't last....

    1 reply

    There is a charge port in it. It can be seen on this picture;

    I'm using thin nokia charger.