Turn Your Old Glass Into Beautiful Oil Lamp!

Introduction: Turn Your Old Glass Into Beautiful Oil Lamp!

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I've got some glasses from PEPSI or other drinks. I didn't use it because they are big and heavy.
So I decided to turn it into an amazing oil lamps!

You can make your own oil lamp pepsi glass with this instructable!

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Let's get started!

Step 1: What Do We Need?

You will need :
-Small ball
-thin foil
-something to keep ball (look at the photo)
-curved thick wire
-Template to print

-vegetable oil
-PEPSI glass(or other glass)
-water(oh no! where can I get the water?:)

Step 2: Foil

Cut the foil to the shape of a triangle and put it on the cork.


Step 3: Making a Bubbles!

The triangle must fit to the holes in cork.
Heat up the ball with lighter and squeeze the bubble stencil, like my hands on picture.
The bubble in the middle of the triangle must be down

Step 4: Canals

You must make a canals for the oil like on the pictures.

Step 5: Wick

Cut the hole in the  center bubble and put the wick in it.

Step 6: Glass

Fill the PEPSI glass with the water to 3/5 of the glass and the oil to 4/5
put the foil with wick on oil ant tap it with screwdiver and light the wick.

Step 7: Finish!

WE finish!
Enjoy with your beautiful swimming flame!

Thanks for reading please rate it if you like it!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Many years ago I bought a version of this and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for your ible, I'm sure I'll have a go at It.

    Can a scented oil be used? Like for aromatherapy?

    Dream Dragon
    Dream Dragon

    9 years ago on Introduction

    There's a traditional Indian Light that works in a similar way, I made one when I was a kid. They use "Ghee" (clarified butter) as the fuel, I used sunflower oil, but I recently learned that OLIVE OIL is considered safest for such things. I'm told that Olive Oil can only support the flame due to the evaporative action of the wick, so that if it get's knocked over there's less chance of burning oil running in all directions. I also put a little hint of colour in the water, just for fun. I used metal foil to support the wick, plastic foil isn't so easily obtainable here, but the principle is exactly the same.