Turned Noodle Roller/cutter




Wooden noodle cutter, is a good beginner/intermediate lathe project, that also doubles as a great gift.

You will need:

Large lathe able to hold a 18-24" piece of stock.

Lathe Chisels (I only used the Gouge and the Skew)

2"x2"x18-14" piece of wood (I used Ash)


Mineral oil (final treat optional)

Step 1: Round Out the Piece of Stock

Using your gouge Round out the full length of stock as consistently as you can.

Step 2: Add Handles (French Rolling Pin)

Using gouge add handle of desired size to each end of the noodle cutter. I recommend about 4-6" depended on the hand size of the user. If you decide to stop here you have a French Rolling Pin.

Step 3: Add Grooves and Finish

Using your gouge again slowly add consecutive grooves along the flat center surface of the rolling pin, turning it into a noodle cutter. Sand the handles and the grooves with sandpaper, I did this one up to 400 grit, and apply food grade finish if desired. I did not apply and finish to mine.

Step 4: Bonus Step: Make Gift Recipient Make You Noodles.

My wife's tips for use:

Flatten small batched to be rolled out and let dry as a sheet then snap apart later.

Do not be afraid to add too much flour to you noodle roller.



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