Turning 1 Dresser Into 2 Pieces



About: My name is Stephanie and I'm a DIY addict. I'm constantly working on new DIY projects or crafts, dreaming up new projects, or just tearing up our home to remodel and update it.

I started by marking a straight line in the middle of the dresser. Be careful to get it between the drawers. I also stripped the paint off with my favorite paint stripper.

Step 1: Frame Your New Pieces

The old top needed new 3/4" wood for it's base. And it got legs that were easily attached with mounting hardware. This piece became a bathroom vanity.

The old dresser bottom needed new framing around the top of the piece to support the new tabletop. It also got an extra shelf on top for more storage. This little guy was perfect for toy storage.

After adding new framing and a top, it's all about painting and new handles.

The bathroom vanity also got a cool vessel sink and quartz counter top.

To get the full details on this build, click here.

Step 2: The Finished Pieces.

I love these new pieces. I think I paid about $40 for this used dresser and it was totally worth it.

Step 3: DIY Hidden Toy Storage

Check out this instructable to see how I made this reversible toy storage.

Hides the mess when I get tired of looking at it. ;)



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