Turn Laminated Wood




Introduction: Turn Laminated Wood

This is my first instructable so feel free to point out any mistakes Ive made.made. Iam 14 and i would be really happy to receive any kind of advice from more experienced people.

Woodturning is a form of woodworking that is used to create wooden objects on a lathe. Unfortunately I didn't own one and also didn't have the proper tools because this was the second time i was turning something. I used a drill as an alternative to a lathe. there are many other instructables telling about the drill lathe in more detail.

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Step 1: What You Want to Make.

If this is to be your first time turning try it on a cheap and soft(as in low hardness soft not the classification) wood especially when your doing it on a drill then when you think your ready then try doing this.

Also one of the important steps design what u want to make and draw it on a peice of paper.

And all of the above wear safety goggles a respirator and i take no responsibility for any damage you caused to something or someone

Step 2: You Need

1.Wood I used teak x1 accaciax2 and cedarx2
2.White glue,yellow or epoxy etc.
3.Cling wrap
4.lathe bit (which I made myself from a screw with head cut off)
5.Any finishing oil even cooking oil works

1.Lathe tools or a very low grit sand paper and wood rasp and knives etc
2.sand paper
3.drill (depends if not having a lathe)

Step 3: Glueing the Wood

As the title says gluing the wood. first arrange the way and the pattern of the wood you want I did acacia,cedar teak,cedar,acacia.roughen up the sides with 50 grit sand paper. glue it all up secure it in a vice my vice was to small to fit it in so it took a really heavy brick and secured it between two planks of wood. waited about a day for the adhesive to perfectly dry or cure.also wrap it in cling wrap to prevent sticking to the planks of wood.

Step 4: Turn It ON!!!!!

First find the the exact middle point and then screw the lathe bit into it and secure it in the drill, make sure the bit is straight so the piece of wood spins properly.secure the bit properly we dont want bits of wood and bits of you flying around. Take the shaping tools and start the drill and shape wood into the desired shape. Move the sand paper grit gradually from 150 to 300. After that take it off the bit and go to the next step.

Step 5: Finishing

Now take really fine sand paper sand it with your hand I think sanding with our own hands give a more smooth finish.Clean with damp cloth and finish with oil (sorry couldn't take pics of the finishing process)by taking a rag and oil rub it until its looking good and let it dry.This is a handle for a kukri knife I am working on will soon post pictures of it in a month.

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This looks hugely dangerous, but strangely seductive.

    Kudos to you.

    I will try this at the weekend :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks sorry for a really late reply


    3 years ago

    A drill is a great idea!


    3 years ago

    Wow, I've never seen this done with a drill! How long did it take?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks! it took me about 3 hours of working time and a day to let the glue perfectly dry.