Turning Perfect Disc on a Router Table Without Any Jigs



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Cutting Circles on The Router table the easy way without a complicated jig,

I after marking out a 12 inch diameter circle with apiece of wood and two panel pins I cut it out roughly on my bandsaw then clamped a piece of scrap wood and nailed the circle through the centre into the baseboard and routed a perfect 12 inch disc.

Step 1: Spinning the Disc on the Router Table

After I nailed the disc blank through the middle mark I switched the router on and pushed the disc into the the cutter bit until the cutter was cutting to the line then i spun the disc in a clockwise direction.

Step 2: 6 Inch Lathe Faceplate

I needed a 6 inch faceplate for the lathe so i repeated the process whilst i had the setup

Step 3: Using the First Disc As a Pattern

I used the scrap piece that i originally nailed the discs to make a final disc, (waste not want not) as the saying goes. by using double sided tape to make a exact copy of the first disc.

check out my youtube video for a more comprehensive view of the process.



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