Turning a Common Camera, Into a Waterproof Action Camera for About 1$



This is an easy way to film underwater without special equipment


Step 1: Watch the Video

Watch the video for understand everything better and see the camera in action

Step 2: Materials

1 jar

1 piece of plexiglass

4 screws and nuts

1 old plastic bowl

1 old bicycle inner tube

Some hot glue and insulating tape

Step 3: Cutting

Cut a circle on the lid

Step 4: Plexiglass

Put the rubber and the plexiglass on the top and secure everything with screws, nuts and hot glue

Step 5: Rubber Part

Cut a rubber circle from an old bike inner tube, for better closing

Step 6: Base

Make a base from the old bowl and hot glue it in into the jar

Step 7: Put the Camera Inside

Put on the came on and then inside the jar, close the lid and enjoy underwater filming

*You can see that in action in this video



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