Turning a Lifeless Statue Into an Evil Ghost Using Pixlr

Introduction: Turning a Lifeless Statue Into an Evil Ghost Using Pixlr

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Step 1: Basics

Go to http://pixlr.com/ and select Pixlr Editor Advanced.

Once the editor has loaded, load your picture.
(Second.png and Third.png)

Basic editing
Clear the background using cropping as well as rubber tool to get a plain white background with statue in centre.

Try not to erase the parts of image.

Step 2: Some Ghostly Action

Now the main thing starts here. Select brush tool with white forecolor.
(Brush size - Default).

Use this brush tool to create white spots in the closed eyes of statue. Try not to hide eyebrows.

Once you have done, select smudge tool & smudge those white spots to create evil eyes. Try to hide the closed eyes of statue.

Tip: For the above step, default brush size can be used, but for the small areas, you can reduce it a bit. This will help you smudging more accurately.

Step 3: Ghostly Teeth!

Now with the eyes got placed, statue looks quite lively and scary. Now we need to add teeth to it for giving it a real evil look. As you see the statue's mouth is closed. We can make its teeth come out like a vampire.

Select pencil tool.
(Brush size: Default, Style: Sketchy)

Using pencil tool, make teeth of statue, each starting with lips.

Now, select smudge tool.

Next, smudge the area between the teeth and lips a little to make them look as if they are really coming out of it's mouth and are not fake.

Step 4: Final Touch

Our work is nearly done. It just needs a final touch.

Locate 'Glamour Glow' in Filters menu in menu bar. Apply it one or two times.

Presto! We've turned a lifeless statue into a ghost! See below what we have made of that statue.
(Initial Image.jpg converted to Final Image 2.jpg)

Save this image. You can experiment this with more photographs.

Step 5: Catch It on Tape!

There's something more we can do with this photograph. We are going to make it appear as if it had been captured in a night vision camera. Let me show you how.

Firstly, make a copy of the image we created earlier. Visit pixlr.com again and this time, select Pixlr Express Effecient.

Load the copy of image. Next, select overlays from the bottom toolbar and from the submenu, select neon.
(Eleventh.png; Twelveth.png; Thirteenth.png)

Finally, from the list of effects select '1337' and save the image. This gives it a look of a real camera footage.

Now again open the Pixlr Editor Advanced, and load that saved image.

Locate 'Night Vision' in Filters menu and apply it. Change the settings as you want.

You're done! A real ghost gets caught on tape!
(Initial Image.jpg converted to Final Image 2.jpg and finally to Final Image Night Vision.jpg)

Keep up the spirit of Halloween!

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 4

    The last three images appear to be missing.

    Captain Vyom
    Captain Vyom

    Reply 7 years ago on Step 4

    I read the last step. I found that the image names are a little bit confusing to follow. Ninth.png image is the image that has number "9" printed on it in orange. Similarly, Initial Image.jpg is labelled as Initial Image in orange and so on. The Final Image 2.jpg is the unlabelled one.

    I hope this will clarify your doubts. But still I will recheck the final step for any missing images.

    Thanks for reading.