Turning a Normal Image Into a Halloween Image Using PIXLR

Introduction: Turning a Normal Image Into a Halloween Image Using PIXLR

About: HI i am young boy interest to become a scientist.

In this Instructable I am going to show you guys how to turn a Normal Image into a Halloween Image using PIXLR.
This instructable is also a manual to use PIXLR  a online editing page.

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Step 1: Selection of Image

1. The first thing to start editing is to select the perfect Image that matches the condition.
    Our purpose is to halloween the Image so better select a full faced image.

Step 2: PIXlr Editor

2. The second thing is to open the Image in PIXlr.

Step 3: Another Image

3. Open another image as the same.
4. Click on the skull image once so that it appears in the layers box on the right side.
5. click on the skull image which is in the layer box(small image) and drag it to the 1st image(girl Image).
6. Now the skull image gets into the girl image.

Step 4: Fixing the Skull

6.Now click Edit-> free transform  in the menu at the top.
7.Center the skull image as such the skull fits the girls face.
8.Now on the right side layers box click on the toggle layer setting you will get a opacity slider when you reduce it the skull image
gets transparent and so that it is easy to fit it on the girl face

Step 5: Hiding the Skull

9. Now again increase the opacity slider to100 so that the skull image returns back from transparent.
10. Now click on the add layer mask option from the layers box(hint it looks like stop symbol).
11. The skull image now gets hidden inside the girl Image.

Step 6: Turning the Girl Image Into Halloween

12. Now select the brush tool from the left toolbar and choose white color from the pallet.
13. start coloring where you want to replace the girl skin with skull.
14. Then click on the Girl image on the layers box and select Glamour glow from filters on the top.
15. Now click on the skull image in layers box and select engrave from filter so that the skull appears as if it is inside.

Step 7: Eye Editing

16. Now zoom the left eye.
17. select the burn tools the burn the outer skin of the eyes.
18. Select the brush tool and color the eyes black so that it appears as no eye.
19. Now open a blood image and pick the blood color using the color pick tool.
20. Using the brush tool draw a curve below the left eye.
21. Take the smug tool and smug the line down to flow.

Step 8: Adding Texture

22. Open a soil cracked texture image.
23. Add a new layer.
24. Take brush tool and color the soil red and reduce the opacity.
25. Merge visible the two layers
26. Now drag the merged image into the girl image .
27. Fit the texture to the Image using free transform option.
28. start erasing the texture from unwanted places.
29. After erasing select Hard-light-> from mode in the layers box on the right.
30. Now click on the background image on the layers box and select vignette from the filters menu so that the sides become dark.
31. Finally select the color replace tool and color the hair with your desired color.
Thank you for watching this instruct-able.

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    4 years ago

    I simply have to try this. I'll post if I can make something passably good.

    I like your use of textures here, do you think you could replicate a look like this with makeup?