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I decided to make a cabinet for my turntable and decided to go for OSB, I like the chipped wood look but this cabinet can just as easy be made out of plywood! I was inspired by a cabinet i came across online that looked very much like this one but whas smaller and made out of cardboard (!).\

This project is quite simple but i love the way it turned out (for under 30 dollars!!!)

All you need for this project is:




A few clamps

a sheet of plywood or OSB (cut to size!)

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Step 1: Get Your Plywood or OSB Cut

I had the panels cut to size at the Home Depot. The size of the individual pieces were dependent of the size of my turntable, my speakers and my amplifier. My cabinet was 240 cm wide and about 50 cm high but you can pick any size you like!

Step 2: Assembly

At first I assembled the upper parts of the cabinet where the turntable had to go. I used little wooden bars to make it possible to screw the pieces together blindly, I also glued the parts to make it extra firm.

Step 3: Assemble the Front Panel

After cutting out the holes for the speakers, the turntable and the records I was ready to glue and screw the top panels to the front of the cabinet. I glued the speakers in as well to make sure it wouldn't vibrate when i used the speakers.

The slot for the records are not in a right angle to make it possible to browse records. I used a plane to get these parts of the cabinets in the right angle and a few clamps to glue these bits together.

You can choose to close the back of the cabinet, i didn't because it is against a wall anyway and with an open back i can reach the amplifier easier.

Step 4: Cut Out the Front Panel and the Slot for the Amplifier

I only had to cut in the hole for the amplifier to finish my project, I made a rest for the amplifier with rest pieces of wood I had lying around (sorry, didn't take a pic).

After the full assembly I turned it the right way up but was not completely satisfied, i liked the cabinet to be a bit less massive so i decided to get rid of a strip of OSB to create the idea of two legs.

Last thing to do: pop a beer and listen to a nice record!

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9 Discussions


1 year ago

Snazzy setup. Do I spy a Pioneer SX-535 and PL-12 Turntable?


3 years ago

OSB, good job ! I've used it on little projects, (end table, birdhouse...) a little bit of sanding to knock dwn the rough stuff. And for interior work , a little sealer/paint for exterior work, but really for a cost effective project, a bit of sanding a little light stain and sealer you've got a nice project .Love the way you fitted the turn table and the rest,thinking of doing the same w/an old rack system, thanks.

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

nice, I'd love to see how that works out. I used it for other projects as well. the dining table is also made of OSB, gotta stop now though, its getting out of hand :-D


3 years ago

Clean lines + practical +eye-appealing + economical = Job Well Done!

1 reply

3 years ago

Nicely done! I appreciate the attention to detail in making the lines of the cabinet match the turntable.


3 years ago

Also, you still have the chance to use the whole thing to build a subwofer speaker... you have the volume already... some calcs about the port size, subwofer size...


3 years ago

I like the way this turned out. It's nice to see OSB get a little love with a project like this!

Did you put any kind of finish on it, or just leave it plain?

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

Thanks! I am quite happy with it myself! I finished it with a transparent paint, that gave it a little gloss and also helpt against chips of wood coming off.