Turntables of Your Computer Generated Models

Introduction: Turntables of Your Computer Generated Models

About: Working on shoogleit for years now. Shoogleit.com is a project of the Digital Sensoria Programme (www.digitalsensoria.com) and Heriot-Watt University.
Hi, In the video below I will show you how to create turntables of your computer generated models. It is very easy and free.

You need to login into our free online application to create your turntables. Just goto http://www.shoogleit.com and start creating your model turntables. You can also create short interactive clips of your work.

Creation and Hosting is free, you can create as many as you want and you can also embed them into your blogs, facebook or websites. (IPhone/iPad app coming soon).

Here are some examples:

Many Thanks.

Step 1: Create an Animation of Your Model Rotating

First you need to create an animation of your model rotating. Set up a camera and rotate your model 90 degrees for every 20 frames (or as many degrees as you like per frame).

Then render the frames in order: 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg, 0003.jpg, 0004.jpg, 0005.jpg, 0006.jpg, .... 0011.jpg, ..... 

Tip: do not name the frames as 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc. as the online app gets confused with the order, for example 1.jpg , 11.jpg, 111, jpg will be in the wrong order in the online app. Saying that, you can always drag/drop the frames to reorder them manually.

Step 2: Visit Shoogleit.com and Add Interactivity to the Images.

Visit www.shoogleit.com and log in (free), then select 'create shoogles from images'. All the frames will be loaded into the filmstrip. In the first stage you can resize, rotate, crop the frames.

Select 'Settings' on the top bar tap to continue....

Step 3: Add Dragging to Your Shoogle

In the 'Settings' stage you can start dragging and interacting with your frames. Select the drag speed, direction, loop, play and colour of the UI in this stage.

Do not forget to enable the 'loop drag' option to allow your models to rotate smoothly in 360 degrees.

Finally click on the 'Publish' tab, fill out the details and its done.

Step 4: Your Interactive 360 Turntable Is Ready.

Inside the app, you can change the description, title, settings, etc.

Hope you liked it.

I attached a video tutorial with all this steps at the beginning of this instructable.


Ps. Click on the facebook link on any shoogle to embed them into your facebook pages, it is really cool.

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